Anti-hard Brexit campaigner Gina Miller visits Maidenhead

James Hockaday

Anti-hard Brexit campaigner Gina Miller went canvassing on Saturday with Tony Hill, the Liberal Democrats' election candidate for Maidenhead.

Mrs Miller is founder of Best for Britain, a campaign group seeking to prevent a hard Brexit and to hold a free parliamentary vote on any final EU deal.

The Liberal Democrat team spent the morning canvassing houses in the Boyn Hill area to encourage people to vote for Mr Hill, a former Furze Platt Senior School headteacher.

Mr Hill says he wants to give control over how the country shapes Brexit 'back to the people' and criticised Theresa May's 'autocratic' approach.

The Liberal Democrats want a referendum on a final Brexit deal.

When asked whether holding a referendum would result in an endless stream of referenda, Mr Hill said it would mean 'the deal's not good enough.'

Mrs Miller rose to prominence last year with a successful legal fight to get Parliament to vote on whther the UK can trigger Brexit.

Speaking on Saturday, she said: "This idea that you can have a free vote on fox hunting but not on Brexit is ludicrous."

Mrs Miller also talked about how she wants an extension of the amount of time Britain will have to negotiate an EU deal.

“We can’t do this in the time frame. They all need to unanimously agree to an extension,” she said.

She also stressed the importance of settling Britain’s accounts with the EU before it can begin to forge new trade deals.

“It’s about our plans for the future,” she added. 

She denied any suggestion that she was trying to thwart Brexit altogether but warned against agreeing on a deal 'behind closed doors'.


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  • Welshdragon

    20:08, 06 June 2017

    Wish she hadn't and wish she would crawl back up her back passage



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