General Election 2017: Theresa May holds Maidenhead on night of turmoil for Prime Minister

Staff reporters

Staff reporters

General Election 2017: Theresa May holds Maidenhead on night of turmoil for Prime Minister

Theresa May kept her Maidenhead seat after a night of turmoil which saw the Conservative Party significantly underperform.

The Maidenhead result, which came in about 3.30am, saw Theresa May win the seat with a 26,457 majority over Labour’s Pat McDonald, who came in second with 11,261.

Speaking straight after the results were announced at the Magnet Leisure Centre, she said the Conservatives set out in the campaign ‘to consider the issues that are the key priorities for the British people — getting the Brexit deal right, ensuring that we both identify and show how we can address the big challenges facing our country'.

"Doing what is in the national interest. That is always what I have tried to do in my time as a Member of Parliament and my resolve to do that is the same this morning as it always has been."

She added ‘the country needs a period of stability’ and said the Tories would ‘fulfil our duty in ensuring that stability so that we can all as one country go forward together’.

The turnout for the vote in Maidenhead was 76.72 per cent, with 58,364 votes cast, up from 72.91 per cent in the 2015 elections.

Labour candidate Pat McDonald was delighted to almost double his party’s vote compared to the last election. Labour polled 11,261 votes compared to 6,394 in 2015, making it Labour’s best showing in Maidenhead for years.

Mr McDonald put Labour’s strong showing down to leader Jeremy Corbyn and his manifesto.

He said: “I would like to thank our leader as clearly  his leadership and manifesto persuaded more voters in the Tory heartland to vote Labour this time. I am hugely encouraged by this result.

“It’s having a good manifesto to stand behind. Even in this Tory heartland many, many people believed in this manifesto. And I am delighted that Nick Clegg, who betrayed so many students over tuition fees was defeated by an honest Labour candidate in Sheffield.”

The evening was livened up by candidates including Lord Buckethead and Howling Laud Hope from the Monster Raving Looney Party, who entertained the press.

Theresa May's position as Prime Minister hangs in the balance with the Conservatives set to miss out on an outright majority.


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  • Red Dave

    08:08, 09 June 2017

    Interesting article. No mention of a reduced majority and a 7.5 % increase of the Labour vote and actually a 1.1 % DECREASE in the PM's vote. Hugely embarrassing. Time to go Mad May, on second thoughts please stay, because I am loving this. A useless PM full of arrogance with poor judgement.



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