Plans submitted for 214 homes next to Maidenhead Golf Course

Shay Bottomley
Plans submitted for 214 homes next to Maidenhead Golf Course

The first plans to build on AL13 – the site known as Maidenhead Golf Course and land south of Harvest Hill Road – have been submitted to the council.

It is only the beginning of what could be 2,600 homes on the AL13 site in total following the adoption of the Borough Local Plan on February 8.

Berkeley Homes has submitted plans for 214 homes on land just south of Manor Lane, featuring a range of houses and flats/maisonettes on a 7.21-hectare site.

Of these, 64 will be available for social, affordable or intermediate rent (30 per cent), with 454 car parking spaces available across the development.

Under the proposals, there will be 33 one-bedroom properties, 42 two-bedrooms, 80 three-bedroom and 59 with four bedrooms or more.

According to the planning statement submitted alongside the application, the developer is seeking to ‘provide quality landscape that celebrates natural assets and create new habitats’ in a development with creates a new neighbourhood ‘with a distinct character’.

Natural and semi-natural open space will be retained along the edge of the site which borders the A404, whilst public open space such as public parks and gardens are also included in the proposals

Most of the proposed homes will be two and 2.5 storey houses, whilst some blocks of flats could be as high as three storeys.

Vehicular access to the site will be from Harvest Hill Road and Kimber Lane, whilst there will also be a number of footpaths for pedestrians along the northern boundary.

Furthermore, the site is in Flood Zone 1 meaning it is at a ‘low risk’ of flooding.

The council could receive £100 per square metre in Community Infrastructure Levy for the site, where the funds raised can be used to fund infrastructure projects by the Royal Borough.

The developer added that ‘regard has also been given to the emerging SPD proposals to ensure future surrounding development is in no way prejudiced by these proposals’, adding that it used the stakeholder meetings to ‘inform the development’ of the layout.

No public comments have yet been received on the application, which can be found by searching 22/01717/FULL on the Royal Borough’s planning portal.

More information about the South West Maidenhead area is available at 

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