April Fools: Did you spot these pranks from around Maidenhead and Windsor?

George Roberts

April Fools: Did you spot these pranks from around Maidenhead and Windsor?

Have you read any stories that sounded a little too good to be true this morning? Then chances are you were caught out (or maybe not) by an April Fool.

We have rounded up some of our favourite April Fools Day pranks from around the area.

Thames Valley Air Ambulance:

The charity revealed it had invested in ‘roller skate technology’ so its paramedics could get from the helicopters to the scene of the emergency in record time.

It may sound crazy, but perhaps one day it will catch on. It might involve a lot of training though.

Carters Steam Fair:

With traditional signwriting increasing in popularity over the past few years, Maidenhead-based Carters Steam Fair announced it was releasing a new signwriting action figure in partnership with a ‘large toy manufacturer’.

According to a Carters Facebook Post, a big CEO had got hooked on the company’s online courses and was inspired to design an action figure based on Joby Carter himself.

The ‘all action’ figure came complete with mahl stick and pallet, and even reels off classic lines like ‘you muppet’ and ‘don’t forget to buy a poster.’

Naturally, batteries weren’t included.

Maidenhead United FC:

The town’s football club took the chance to introduce fans to its new mascot for the next season – Maidenhead Bridge.

The club wanted to celebrate the town’s heritage and one of it’s most recognisable landmarks with a two-person mascot costume.

We hope this doesn’t mean fan-favourite Yorkie the Magpie has been dumped.

The Maidenhead Advertiser:

Did you notice the April Fools story on our website this morning? Star reporter Avril Sloof landed on her latest exclusive scoop – that the Windsor and Maidenhead council is planning to build a cable car in central Maidenhead to boost tourism.

Taking visitors from Maidenhead station to the top of one of the town’s tallest buildings, the cars would be £20 a go – or £19.50 for Advantage Car holders.

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