Slough Foodbank donates half a tonne of food to burgled Maidenhead centre

James Hockaday

James Hockaday

A foodbank has rallied to the support of a neighbouring organisation after it was burgled.

Yesterday (Wednesday) Slough Foodbank handed over £840 worth of food to the recently burgled Maidenhead Foodshare.

About £1,000 worth of food was stolen from the Maidenhead Foodshare on Thursday, July 28 prompting a flurry of donations from the general public.

Slough Foodbank manager Sue Sibany-King said: "It's horrible, it's not the first foodbank we've heard about being burgled. We'd heard of a couple including one from Reading.

"Now with this happening in Maidenhead it's a bit too close to home."

Slough Foodbank, which is owned by the Trussell Trust, donated half a tonne of non-perishable food including tinned meat and fish, biscuits and cereal.

"We've worked with them before so they're quite used to us supporting them and if we needed help they would help us too,” said Sue.

"We're just so pleased that we are in the position to help."

She added she was shocked by the recent burglary in King Street, Maidenhead.

"You wouldn't steal that much if you were just hungry.

"I don't think it's a case of them being in need. It's greed and that's so very sad."

Unlike Maidenhead Foodshare, people don't collect food directly from the Slough Foodbank, which does not publicly advertise where it is based.

Instead clients visit the trust's four distribution centres in Slough, where food from the central foodbank is delivered from either on or shortly before collection day.

"We want to keep a low profile and we don't put signs outside because we know foodbanks are being targeted,” added Sue.

There is CCTV belonging to other companies surrounding the foodbank and the site it is located in.

Contact 01753 550303 to donate to Slough Foodbank.

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