Masterplan revealed for Marlow film studio proposal

Shay Bottomley

Plans have been submitted to construct a new film studio in Marlow more than a year after the idea was first announced.

The application seeks permission to construct a new studio comprising of 168,718sqm total floorspace with the aim of being ‘a home of choice for the film and television’ production industry.

Greenbelt campaigners have objected to the development, although the Dido Property Ltd. has said there are ‘very special circumstances’ to justify construction of a new film studio.

‘Significant socio-economic benefits’ has been given as one justification, while ‘the contribution it makes to meeting the current pressing need for studio space’ and ‘the great weight of national and local government policy encouraging this form of development in this location’ have also been listed as reasons for approval by the developer.

A total of 1,117 parking spaces are proposed under the application, the majority of which will be in two multi-storey car parks, as well as 272 cycle parking spaces.

If approved, the development would take up 36.34 hectares of greenbelt land, although ‘publicly accessible recreational land and ecological and environmental enhancements/habitat creation’ are listed as part of the application.

A number of comments have been received objecting to the proposals, citing concerns over the environmental impacts of the development, existing rights of way and the requirement for further infrastructure due to the volume of traffic the film studios could bring.

In an attempt to reassure residents, a number of drop-in sessions are being held by Marlow Film Studios.

“We’ve really appreciated that engagement over the last year has been so collaborative with the community. Planning documents have now been formally submitted, and so in the same spirit, members of the team continue to be available to answer any questions” said Robert Laycock, CEO of Marlow Film Studios.

“Please do have a look at the application on Buckinghamshire Council’s website and get in touch with us to ask any queries you may have.

“For those who haven’t had an opportunity to engage with us so far, we’re available to discuss planning considerations, or indeed the wider supply-chain, sustainable transport, and educational aspects of the studios.”

The dates for the sessions at Marlow Libary are as follows:

Thursday, July 14, 12pm – 3pm

Saturday, July 23, 10am – 1pm

Tuesday, July 26, 12pm – 3pm

To view the application in full, click here

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