No replacement for knocked down lamppost

The Royal Borough has been criticised for leaving a road in ‘pitch black’.

In November, a delivery driver knocked over a lamppost in Marlborough Road and resident Madelene Lachello is still waiting for it to be replaced.

“The darkness is an issue,” she said. “You can’t physically see outside, it is so pitch black, and there are a lot of single ladies living down this road as well.”

There is also an alleyway off the road that Madelene and other residents use and which she says ‘was dark enough anyway’.

“I’m so fed up phoning the [Royal] Borough and not getting anywhere,” she said.

“They just say ‘we’ve passed it on and we’ll give you a call to let you know what’s going on’ – but you hear nothing.”

Madelene says the hole the lamp post left has been filled in with asphalt by the council but it has sunk, leaving a trip hazard.

“There’s no lighting, people could be walking up there and if you put one foot wrong you could be over,” she said.

A spokeswoman for the Royal Borough said the lamppost will be replaced on February 8.

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