New floral colognes from 4711

Lucy Holloway

Back on the dance floor with three floral takes on the original classic

The original 4711 cologne is a flash back fragrance for me.

Flash back to the early 80s. And I’m being dropped off at our school disco.

My mother is doused in Poison by Christian Dior. In reverence to its maker she pronounces it with a French accent and ends up calling it Poisson – which means fish. Eau de Fish would probably smell better.

I’m floating around in Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel (and yes, it took me ages to find those double dotted ‘i’s on my keyboard but it wouldn’t be the same without them) looking all pastel and smelling like love heart sweets.

And then, swoon, Owen Williams swaggers over bringing with him a waft of freshness, sophistication and class. “It’s 4711,” he says, shortly followed by “are you wearing a bra?”

I am, in fact, wearing my first ever bra which I’ve been saving for this special disco occasion. I’m impressed he’s noticed. I’m equally impressed by the 4711 that’s getting its first disco airing. Owen and I will go on to be a power couple. At least until the lights are turned on at the end of the evening.

First love is a powerful thing, and so are the memories that fragrance evokes.

How exciting that 4711 is back on the dance floor with three new floral takes on the original cologne: rose, jasmine and lilac.

With no discos to go to, I’ve been sporting jasmine in various Zoom meetings and on the daily dog walk. It has the citrussy, green, fresh punch that Owen rocked so well with an extra layer of white flower warmth – most noticeable for me is orange blossom.

According to the marketing bumpf it ‘bestows a graceful charisma on its wearer and underscores her feminine style’. So there you go. For obvious reasons neither the Zoomers not the dogs have given me much feedback, but I’m loving the way I smell.

Flash forward to a time when we’re allowed out again, you’ll find me floating around Boots trying out the rose flavour.

The new 4711 Floral Collection is available in Jasmine, Rose and Lilac (£18 for 100ml, but currently discounted to £13.50) at Boots and

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