Burnham FC: Appeal is a load of tosh

Burnham FC: Appeal is a load of tosh

(First published in the Maidenhead Advertiser on Thursday, May 19)

Never knowing when you are beaten is an admirable and desirable quality in football.

But when the final whistle blows, it’s time to accept the result, shake hands and move on to the next challenge.

It seems to me that Burnham FC would do well to heed this as they refuse to accept relegation from the Southern League into the Hellenic.

They are appealing against going down because they think they have been treated shoddily by the league and the FA.

What a load of tosh.

The Blues are now where they deserve to be.

They were undoubtedly the second worst team in the South & West Division last season and deserved to go down, their second successive relegation.

I know it must be a bitter pill to swallow. About three years ago they were a Southern League Premier Division side, now they are not.

They were in step five, now they're in step seven.

The powers-that-be at the club need to realise that there was no conspiracy against them.

Maybe they have been a bit unlucky, but so what.

Anyway most of the bad luck was brought upon themselves with poor financial management and then buying several tickets for the managerial merry-go-round.

Being stubborn in football is good, but it has to come with a reality check. The Blues have been beaten fair and square, and they need to move on.

What they are now attempting is embarrassing and degrading.

Where’s the self respect?

Where's the common sense?

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