Who's who in Simon Dudley's Royal Borough cabinet

At Tuesday's annual general meeting of the Royal Borough council new leader Simon Dudley revealed the team he has appointed to key cabinet positions. Our reporting team takes a look at who has been chosen, their responsibilities and relevant experience.

Staff reporters

Councillor Simon Dudley – leader of the council and cabinet member for housing

-Conservative, Riverside

-Background in finance and investment banking

-Previously deputy leader of the council and cabinet member for finance

Cllr Dudley’s new cabinet includes both ‘fresh and familiar’ faces from the borough.

“It’s good to see new talent and councillors with strong experience. I’m very optimistic and we’re just going to crack on,” he said. “With these changes, a £25k saving will be made from the new cabinet and £175k will be saved from restructuring the support team.”

He added some of the money will be spent on bus services and with the Brett Foundation.

Cllr Carwyn Cox – reappointed as cabinet member for environmental services, now including parking

-Conservative, Hurley and Walthams


Cllr Cox, who was elected in 2011, said: “I’ve been lucky enough to be re-appointed in my role but now I’ll have more responsibility with parking. It’s a big challenge as there are a lot of moving parts with parking in the borough.

“We’ve got the regeneration of Maidenhead, and how parking will fit into that, as well as looking at the provision for parking and enforcement.”

Cllr Phillip Bicknell – cabinet member for highways and transport

-Conservative, Park

-Owner of The Print Files in Windsor

-Previously cabinet member for education

Cllr Bicknell is returning to the role he last held five years ago and is looking forward to getting started.

He said: “I think we’re going to be delivering models and making sure we can get more bang for our buck for residents.”

Cllr Samantha Rayner – cabinet member for culture and communities

-Conservative, Eton Wick

Cllr Rayner is looking forward to supporting an area which she very much enjoys. Having lived in the borough for 26 years she is familiar with what is on offer.

She said: “My three children are all about to go to university so this is a good time for me to take on a new project as I will have more time.”

Cllr Rayner is married to Cllr Colin Rayner.

Cllr Derek Wilson – reappointed as cabinet member for planning

-Conservative, Oldfield  

-Full time councillor, previously deputy manager at Panasonic

A councillor since 1991, he said: “We’re very close to the publication of the local plan so it’s good to have continuity. Planning is a big role, we’re trying to regenerate Maidenhead town centre and you have to be committed for that to happen.”

Cllr Jack Rankin – cabinet member for economic development and property, and deputy member for finance. 

-Conservative, Castle Without

-Works in finance at Capita

The youngest member of cabinet at 23, Cllr Rankin lives with his fiancee in Windsor.

Orginally from Manchester, he studied maths and physics at Warwick University.

“I’m really pleased with my new cabinet position and I look forward to the opportunity,” he said. “Maidenhead is full steam ahead with the regeneration and Crossrail but I’ll be looking at how we can enhance Windsor and Ascot.”

Cllr MJ Saunders – cabinet member for finance

-Conservative, Bisham and Cookham

-General manager at M3 Consulting, a property solutions firm. Previously a chartered accountant and partner with Arthur Andersen.

“Funding continues to be a major challenge, due to changes in and reductions in funding from central government,” he said. “As a consequence, to be able to deliver more for less we’ve got to be able to run aspects of our services with an extraordinarily clear focus as to how money gets spent.”

This will be his second stint in the Royal Borough’s cabinet. Asked what lessons he would bring with him, he added: “I think you have to remain entirely focused on residents and be true to your beliefs.”

Cllr Geoff Hill – reappointed as cabinet member for customer and business services, including IT

-Conservative, Oldfield

-Semi-retired, former head of IT for Barclay’s commercial services division.

“Throughout this year we will roll out more digital services for residents,” he said. “But we will keep the old fashioned methods too, so if people aren’t confident with computers they can still go to the town hall or phone up. The government says digital by default, but I say digital by choice.”

Cllr David Coppinger – reappointed cabinet member for adult services and health

-Conservative, Bray

-Previously chairman of Bray Parish Council and worked in the food industry

“While rubbish collection and potholes are important, the health and wellbeing of the population is the big one,” he said. “It is a great responsibility to be helping the adult residents of the borough.”

Cllr Natasha Airey – cabinet member for children’s services

-Conservative, Park

-Events manager

-Previously deputy leader for youth services and safeguarding

“I’m delighted to have the opportunity to expand my role. I’m passionate about ensuring our residents get the best services and their voices heard. I want to ensure young people who we are making decisions about know what is going on. We currently do great work with our young ambassadors.”

Cllr Christine Bateson – reappointed as principal member for neighbourhood planning

-Conservative, Sunningdale

-Previously a dietitian and councillor in Ontario.

“It is important to have people from all walks of life as councillors in the borough.

"We are here to serve.”

Cllr Lisa Targowska – principal member for HR and legal and new to cabinet

-Conservative, Belmont

-Director, legal, security industry authority, previously worked for the Royal Borough as a policy advisor

Originally from New Zealand, she has lived in the UK for three years.

“I think I’m suited to this position because I do this every day in my job. Some of the ideas I want to bring in are instant rewards for staff members, and to look at how we can ease stress for staff members.”

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