AS IT HAPPENED: A-level results day 2019

Staff reporter

Staff reporter

LIVE: A-level results day 2019

Hundreds of students across East Berkshire and South Bucks are collecting their A-level results today.

We are reporting live throughout Thursday morning with the latest reaction, stories, photos and pass rates from schools across the area.

Check out our live blog below and view our photo gallery here.


Laurence Murphy aims to work for Google one day.

CLAIRES COURT SCHOOL, MAIDENHEAD: This year’s results have seen 58 students get into university, with a 70 per cent pass rate at A*-C.
The A*-A pass rate was 17 per cent. There was also high achievement in BTEC qualifications too, with 80% of BTEC students gaining either distinction* or distinction.
Laurence Murphy received an A* in maths and two B's in physics and economics. Laurence said: “I’m really happy and satisfied with my results.

"I wouldn’t have achieved them without the personal support I received at Claires Court. In the future, I’m planning to work in analytics, ideally for Google."


SLOUGH & ETON C OF E BUSINESS & ENTERPRISE COLLEGE, SLOUGH: The future is bright for students studying sociology and health and social care, two of this year's highest performing subjects.

Those studying vocational courses did well, with a 93 per cent pass rate in those subject.

In total, 52 per cent of the students got grades A*-C and 96 per cent achieved A*-E.


WINDSOR COLLEGE, WINDSOR: A*-C grades were up by 4 per cent to 64.5 per cent this year and BTEC students achieved 100% passes in their courses.

Ketsia Gault got a clean sweep with an A* in sociology, an A history and an A psychology.

She is going to the University of Wolverhampton to specialise in deaf, studies aiming to become a Special Educational Needs teacher.

BTEC student Kajol Karwal achieved three distinction* in Applied Science and Business.


THE MARIST SCHOOL, ASCOT: Suzie Liverseidge has achieved three A*s in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects.

Alongside working towards A-levels in maths, further maths and biology Suzie is also an U19 England netball player which involves an intensive six days a week training schedule.

She said: “I am absolutely delighted and cannot wait to start my first choice course at Loughborough.”

Overall students achieved 97 per cent A*-C grades.


17-year-old Parnian Mohammadi got two As and a C after entering her exams a year early.

LVS ASCOT, ASCOT: Not yet 18, Parnian Mohammadi is set to study law at Queen Mary University of London.

The 17-year-old was identified as capable of early exam entry and earned As in English and French and a C in philosophy.

Also studying in the capital will be the school's head boy, Darshan Solanki, 18, who achieved A* in biology and As in chemistry and maths.

Darshan will undertake a degree in veterinary medicine at the Royal Veterinary College, University of London.

LVS Ascot A-Level grade information will be confirmed after the remarking process has been completed and the fully accurate statistical data has been compiled.


A ‘really impressive’ set of results saw students achieve 75 per cent of grades at A*-C in A-levels and BTEC Level 3.

The school, in Long Readings Lane, also had a 97 per cent pass rate of A*-E.

Executive headteacher Kathleen Higgins said: “This is a really impressive performance and we are so proud of our Year 13 young men and women who have much to celebrate as a consequence of their hard work, determination, and commitment.


Brandon Smith (left) realises he has straight A*s, earning himself a place at Oxford to read physics

SIR WILLIAM BORLASE’S GRAMMAR SCHOOL, MARLOW: A huge 94 per cent of grades were at C or above, making this year a successful one for the West Street school.

50 per cent of grades were A*-A, while 100 per cent of students taking an additional Level 3 BTEC achieved distinction or distinction*.

Headteacher Kay Mountfield said: “We are delighted to celebrate the excellent achievement of our A-level students and their teachers this year.

“These outstanding results reflect the hard work and dedication of the students and staff and have enabled them to move on with confidence to their chosen paths. Congratulations to all.”


FURZE PLATT SENIOR SCHOOL, MAIDENHEAD: The school achieved an A*- C pass rate of 80 per cent, with 26 per cent enjoying A*-A grades.

Some students will be leaving Furze Platt Road for the city sights of Oxford, including Charlotte Gould and Gabrielle Ford.

Charlotte was celebrating an A* in biology, maths and chemistry, while Gabrielle got an A* in French, geography and English literature. The pair will be studying medicine and French respectively.

Headteacher Andrew Morrison he was ‘absolutely delighted’ for his students.


WEXHAM SCHOOL, SLOUGH: Deputy headteacher Adam Fletcher said the school is 'really proud’ of its students this year – 33 per cent of whom achieved A* - C grades.

He said: “We are really proud of our students' A-level results given the fact we are a secondary modern.

“Almost without exception, our students are in a position t get their university places as decided.”


ST JOSEPH’S CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL, SLOUGH: The headteacher of St Joseph’s Catholic High School praised the dedication of students and staff following the release of this year’s A-level results.

Students at the school, in Shaggy Calf Lane, achieved 62 per cent grades at A*-C and 99.5 per cent of grades at A*-E.

Headteacher Ciran Stapleton said: “We’re incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication of both students and staff."


Oliver Fiore and Najma Mohsseni may soon be studying several hundred miles apart.

THE WESTGATE SCHOOL, SLOUGH: When friends Oliver Fiore and Najma Mohsseni start their university courses they will be studying about 200 miles apart. 

Oliver achieved an A in psychology, A in history and B in English and is going to the University of Exeter to study English.

And Najma, who got a B in Dutch, B in chemistry, B in maths and C in physics is deciding whether to study engineering at the University of Surrey or at Queen Mary University of London.

She said: “I can’t decide on things, it takes me 20 minutes to choose from a menu and then I change my mind.”

Overall, 56 per cent of students earned A* - C grades.


Football captain Daniel Algar defied his own expectations.

READING BLUE COAT SCHOOL, SONNING: Students celebrated as the vast majority secured their first choice or insurance universities. 

Daniel Algar, captain of the football team, achieved an A* and two A’s and will be studying psychology at the University of Nottingham. 
He said: “It was a struggle until Year 13, when I stepped it up a bit. I needed AAB, so when I opened my envelope and saw A*AA, I thought they were someone else’s results, I couldn’t believe I got in.”

Overall, the year group achieved 90 per cent A* to C and 98.9 per cent A* to E.


Ben Slade (left) turned down his university offer to become an intern at King's Church International.

THE WINDSOR BOYS’ SCHOOL, WINDSOR: When Ben Slade, 18, opened his A-level results he had ‘no idea’ his grades would be as impressive as they were.

His A* in music, A in Maths and A in biology came as a huge surprise.

He said: “I had no idea, I thought I wasn’t getting anything above a B in maths, I wasn’t expecting any of this.”

Ben turned down an offer to study music at the University of Southampton, he will instead spend the next year completing an internship with King's Church International in Frances Road.

In total about 80 per cent of students earned A*-C grades.


LANGLEY GRAMMAR SCHOOL, LANGLEY: At the Reddington Drive school 87 per cent of grades achieved were A*-C.

High-achieving students Vianca Shah and Omar Zaman secured places at the University of Cambridge after they got four A*s in their respective subjects.

Headteacher John Constable said: “We are very pleased with the outcomes for our students, which reflect their hard work and commitment, and the dedication of our staff to supporting them.

“Once again our students have risen to the challenge and we are very proud of them."


Katie Walker will work for a company in Edinburgh during her gap year.

NEWLANDS GIRLS’ SCHOOL, MAIDENHEAD: It was a record-breaking year in Farm Road as more than a third of A-level results were an A* or A grade.

The school recorded a 79 per cent A*- C pass rate.

Stand-out performers included Rebecca Fisher, 18, who got five A*s and Teona Goodge, 18, who achieved A*s in biology, psychology and PE.

Teona said: “I can’t believe it, I am actually speechless,” she said.

Teona is off to her ‘dream’ university – Bath – to study sport and exercise science.

Fellow student Katie Walker got an A* in maths and physics and an A in chemistry.

“I am really happy, I wasn’t expecting this,” she said.


UPTON COURT GRAMMAR SCHOOL, SLOUGH: A student spoke about the importance of looking after your mental health during exam season.

Hanna Mirza sealed a place at University College London (UCL) after achieving A*s in Spanish and business and an A in English.

But she told the Express that learners should remember the significance of taking time out from revising in the run-up to exams.

She said: “I spent a lot of my time revising and didn’t always give myself enough time to clear my mind.

“It’s important to remember that these grades don’t define you.”

The school, in Lascelles Road, achieved 73 per cent of grades at A*-C.


Hetty Brake is one step closer to fulfilling her ambition of becoming an actress.

WINDSOR GIRLS’ SCHOOL, WINDSOR: With an ‘overall ambition’ of becoming an actress, Hetty Brake will embark on a drama degree at the University of Exeter in the coming weeks.

A future in the profession looks promising for the 18-year-old after she achieved an A* in drama, as well as Bs in English and Religious Studies.

‘Over the moon’ with her results, Hetty is a little nervous about the move but ‘ready for a change’.

She said: “It was the first university I visited, the facilities were great and I loved the location by the sea.”

Overall 72 per cent of students gained A* - C grades and 40 per cent achieved A* - B grades.


ST GEORGE'S SCHOOL, ASCOT: Every student who took fine art and photography received an A* grade in another outstanding year of A-level results.
The top performer at the school was Ruth Taviansky, who received A*, A*, A, B, but students excelled across the board, heading to top universities like Edinburgh, Warwick, Exeter and New York University.
Headmistress Liz Hewer said: "At St George’s we believe in encouraging the girls wherever their talents and interests lie.
"The range of degrees that our leavers are going on to read this year is remarkable."
80 per cent of students got A*-C grades, and 99 per cent got A*-E.


Henry Pole and Ronald Arnold.

ALTWOOD SCHOOL, ALTWOOD: One student bucked the family trend by becoming the first person in his family to go to university.
Ronald Arnold, 18, studied chemistry, French and biology, gaining BBC grades.
He is going to the University of Reading to study French and German.
“I am the first person to go to university in my family, so it is a big achievement for me. I’m just looking forward to it now,” Ronald said.
Ronald’s best friend Henry Pole, 18, is off to Loughborough after gaining BAB in biology, maths and physics.
Headteacher Neil Dimbleby said: “I am incredibly proud of our students, all their hard work has certainly paid off.”


Junead Khan designed voice assistant technology as part of his project.

THE LANGLEY ACADEMY, LANGLEY: A US-bound student designed his own voice assistant technology as well as completing his A-levels.
Junead Khan, who lives in Langley, designed his gadget to answer questions on the weather, solve maths equations and send messages to loved ones.
The 18-year-old, who got an A in computer science, B in maths and B in physics, will now take up a place at America’s North Carolina University.
Junead, 18, said: “I’ve always wanted an Alexa [Amazon Echo] but I’ve never owned one so I thought I’d just make my own one.”
Langley Academy reported that 54 per cent of grades were A*-C with 93 per cent of grades A*-E.


Alex Protopapadakis got an A* in geography.

BURNHAM GRAMMAR SCHOOL, BURNHAM: Students are celebrating after this year's intake received ‘really really good’ A-level results.

Alex Protopapadakis, 18, who achieved an A* in geography and two A’s in economics and maths, wants to study business at the University of Bath.

Gill Berlad, 18, achieved an A* and two A’s and will be studying law at Oxford.

Headteacher Dr Andy Gillespie said: “The year group has done slightly better than expected but its a really really good set of results for the students.”

The overall pass rate was 87% A*to C, 62% A* to B and 29% A* to A.


Louise Johnson is off to St Catherine's College, Oxford to study physics.

CHARTERS SCHOOL, SUNNINGDALE: It was an A-level results day to remember at Charters School as it achieved an A*-C pass rate of 81 per cent.
An impressive 59 per cent of students gained A*-B, while 100 per cent achieved an A*-E grade.
Headteacher Richard Pilgrim, said: "It was a pleasure to see so many happy sixth form students this morning as they received their results.

"The vast majority were successful in getting into their first choice university courses and this year, we were delighted with the numbers applying to study for much sought after medical and veterinary science degrees.”


George Denton (left) and Adam McLaughlin (right) both achieved A-levels on top of their BTEC distinctions

 George Denton (left) and Adam McLaughlin (right) both achieved A-levels on top of their BTEC distinctions.

COX GREEN SCHOOL, COX GREEN: A student defied his own expectations by achieving a B in history to go alongside his outstanding BTEC results.

George Denton got a distinction and distinction* for his sport BTEC, and today he found out he has also achieved a B in business studies A-level.

He said: "I didn't expect it, I started to doubt myself and started to think about all the worst things that can happen."

Overall, 99.8 per cent of students achieved A*-E and more than 85 per cent got A*-C.


There are plenty of Upton Court Grammar students who will be feeling pleased with themselves today.


Oscar Wallis got an A* in further maths.

DESBOROUGH COLLEGE, MAIDENHEAD: One student made history by securing a grade no one at the school has managed in 16 years.

Oscar Wallis got an A* in further maths, an achievement no student has manged in recent memory.

The 18-year-old also managed an A and B in his other subjects, meaning he will be off to the University of Manchester to study physics.

He said: "In maths, its all about practice and I have done so many past papers, enough to make you want to blow your brains out, but it was worth it.

"I've not told my parents yet, my mum is going to be really happy."


Couldn't agree more, Kieran. This week's 'Tiser is now on sale at all respectable news vendors.


Reporter Kieran Bell got hold of Furze Platt School's head teacher for a quick chat.


HEATHFIELD SCHOOL, ASCOT: The independent school achieved an A*-C rate of 82.2 per cent, with nearly 40 per cent of students securing A*/A.

The English department marked its most successful year to date with all girls gaining A* or A grades.


...and so are the results for The Windsor Boys' School.


Cox Green results are in.


Impressive work!


Well done Ollie!


Our community reporter Jade Kidd is at Burnham Grammar School this morning


Well done Teona!


Record breaking results at Newlands Girls School!


Reporter George Roberts is at Desborough School where students have just collected their results. Well done Oscar! 




Not everyone is heading straight to uni.


Collecting your exam results isn't quite like it used to be...



The first results are starting to come in. Our reporters are visiting schools across the region this morning.


Good morning everyone and welcome to our live blog for A-level results day 2019.

We will be bringing you updates from our schools throughout the morning.

Good luck to everyone collecting their results!

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