Theresa May: How she voted on the key issues

Grace Witherden

Grace Witherden

Theresa May

Theresa May is the favourite to become our next Prime Minister after she declared she was running for the Conservative Party leadership.

We’ve had a look at her voting record on some key Parliament decisions to give you an idea of where she has stood on important issues.

It is worth noting the Home Secretary has voted in line with other Conservatives for the vast majority of issues.

(Information from They Work for You)

Gay marriage – For

The hunting ban – Absent, but has previously voted against

The Iraq war – For

Syria airstrikes - For

Renewing Trident – For

The ‘bedroom tax’ – For

Assisted dying - Against

EU data sharing - For

Holding an EU referendum - For

Disability benefits cut - Absent

Alcohol tax - For, but previously against

Schools to become academies - For

Rise in tutition fees - For

Scottish devolution - Against

ID cards - Against

Stronger immigration enforcement - For

Preventing climate change - Against

Culling badgers - For

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