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Mystery over pictures of naked women regularly dropped in alleyway

Mystery over pictures of naked women regularly dropped in alleyway

James Preston

Mystery over pictures of naked women regularly dropped in alleyway

Mysterious photos of naked and scantily-clad women have caused a stir after they began to make regular appearances around an alleyway in Boyn Hill in Maidenhead.

The soft-core images have been appearing on the footpath running between Westborough Court and Boyn Hill Road for the last two or three months, but do not have any numbers or contact details on them and do not appear to be advertising any services.

The photos have also been seen in bushes and at a nearby phone box, while a picture of a naked woman was spotted pinned to fencing behind the North Star pub in North Star Lane last week.

Police are now appealing for the public to keep an eye out for the indecent images and hand in anything they find after two of the photographs were brought to the attention of Jeff Pick, who co-ordinates Thames Valley Police's neighbourhood watch and community messaging service for Maidenhead.

They were handed in by a resident who had found a number of the photos at irregular intervals in recent weeks, but usually destroyed them.

One of the images is believed to be a screenshot from a website printed on to photo paper, while the other is a photo taken from the neck down.

The photo seen behind the North Star was described by one woman in the pub as an 'actual photo', rather than a print or screenshot.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, added it was not the first image to appear there.

Mr Pick said: "We have no idea what's going on. There's no hints of names or numbers or anything. It's not an area known to us for funny business. It's just weird."

Anyone who finds one of the photos is advised to place it in a secure wrapper and hand it in to a police officer or PCSO, or at their nearest police station.


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