Golden Harp campaigners open 'pop up pub'

Golden Harp campaigners open 'pop up pub'

Daniel Darlington

Golden Harp campaigners open 'pop up pub'


Campaigners against plans to turn the Golden Harp pub into a Tesco in Maidenhead store drank at a 'pop up pub' next to the former watering hole.

The Furze Platt Action Group set up the temporary pub in Furze Platt Road, Maidenhead on Saturday to campaign against Tesco plans to transform the building into a convenience store.

Carrie Rogers, 49, invited pub regulars and campaign supporters into her garden, next to the Harp, to enjoy a drink in the sunshine.

"We'd rather be in the Golden Harp, but this is the next best thing," said Carrie, a financial bursar at St Piran's School.

"Our message to Tesco is that they will fail with their application, one way or another."

The Golden Harp, owned by Enterprise Inns, has been closed for more than a year, and Tesco has submitted plans to create a new store on the site.

However, the action group claims the store, with its associated traffic, would create a huge safety risk for children who walk passed the pub to get to school.

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