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Councillors debate petition against 'half-baked, ill-thought-out and dangerous' A4 bus lane

A petition calling on Slough Borough Council to abolish its experimental A4 bus and cycle lane has been debated by councillors.

More than 5000 residents have backed the campaign to scrap the six-month trial scheme along the Bath Road.

Petition founder, Graham Berridge, presented the petition at a full council meeting on Thursday where he described the project as ‘half-baked, ill-thought-out and dangerous’.

He said: “I set up the petition because I believe that the bus lane is severely impacting people’s lives in Slough.

“There was no notification this was going to happen, it just appeared overnight. Fortunately, as it stands, because of COVID, the impact wasn’t as great as is being seen now.

“Since schools have come back, there’s been a real issue around that stretch of Bath Road where the mandatory cycle lane has been implemented from the Mercedes Garage down to the Tuns.”

He added any cycle lane should be segregated to protect cyclists and raised safety concerns about cars pulling out across the bus and cycle lane and endangering people during the darker winter commuting hours.

Cllr Rob Anderson (Lab, Britwell and Northborough) said pollution in Slough town centre was recorded at its lowest ever level during July and August.

He added traffic along the A4 had returned to almost 70 per cent of its normal levels in July and 80 per cent the following month.

But opposition councillors questioned the council’s data collection and said fair comparisons could not be made with previous years as these did not take into account changes enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cllr Paul Kelly (Con, Haymill and Lynch Hill) added: “At a time when we should be supporting businesses, self-employed people and all of our residents who have struggled to get back to work and safely see their families we are causing them more pain.

“I’m not against doing something in the future but not now, not at this time when people are struggling to keep their jobs and their businesses alive.”

He also criticised the decision to limit the debate over the petition to 30 minutes.

Councillors voted for the trial scheme to be debated and analysed by the council’s scrutiny committees.

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  • SpeakasIfind

    11:25, 01 October 2020

    SO... not debated fully... just 30 mins. I drive down the A4 everyday and I'm yet to see a bus in the Bus lane! I could see the sense of the Bus Lane IF there were buses every couple of minutes, but they aren't! Reducing pollution? Nice try... this is the start of the Slough Congestion Charge... restrict the flow... create even heavier traffic jams to justify the congestion charge. Slough Town Centre is building 1000s of flats... most will have cars... has there been an upgrade to the towns road infrastructure to cope with the increase in demand? No... its been downgraded to single lane thanks to a pointless bus lane scheme. Thanks you Slough Council ... I see what you're doing and it stinks!



  • be_ transparent

    20:50, 29 September 2020

    Rob & Swindle's behaviours were shocking. Labour limited the debate to 30 minutes, and have kicked the issue into the long grass for yet another month. It is very clear Labour are anti car come what may, with one councillor inviting cyclists and environmentalists to contact her - but she didn't seem so keen to hear from ordinary members of the public with a car stuck in this nightmare they have created. Just so its clear, these following stats were not presented at council :- Number of cyclists in peak hours pre and post works, average and peak Number of bus passengers in peak hours pre and post works, average and peak Number of cars and car users in peak hours pre and post works, average and peak Car journey time in peak hours along the A4 pre and post works, average and peak The council always says it loves democracy and transparency, but surprise surprise it ignores it as soon as it doesn't suit its ends. Rob keeps on quoting the percentage of adults in Slough that don't own a car but never talks about percentages of people who actually use the A4 by transport type. If you are sitting at home in a bath chair without a car how is this justification for wrecking Slough's main thoroughfare for the vast majority of its users ? How is that fair, proportionate or democratic ? Watch the meeting for yourself here :



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