Inspirational Mum nominee receives letter of thanks from Prime Minister

Prime Minister Theresa May wrote a letter of thanks and congratulations to a Maidenhead mother who was nominated for an Inspirational Mum award.

Rebecca de Jager, of Farmers Way, has suffered four miscarriages, but raised £7,000 for the charity Tommy’s after having two children – her ‘dream come true’.

She has been nominated for an Inspirational Mum Award by the charity, which funds research into stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriages.

Rebecca received the letter on Monday morning and said at first she was ‘bamboozled’.

“I opened it and saw I had a letter from Theresa May,” she said.

“When I read it I shed a few tears I must admit.

“I never imagined that something like this would happen to little old me.

“It’s really cool that she’s keeping an eye on local events when she’s got so much on her plate with running the country.”

The letter said: “I think it is wonderful that you have been able to raise such an amount for such a worthy cause. I thank you for your commitment and hope you will keep up the good work.”

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