New head looking to build on 'community-minded spirit' at All Saints

James Harrison

A new headteacher is wasting no time in implementing his vision after taking over at a Maidenhead school.

Richard Rhodes took charge at All Saints CE Junior School, in Westborough Road, last month.

Since then, he has revamped the old house system, replacing the planetary names previously used with mythical beasts Dragon, Griffin, Pegasus and Phoenix, and holding a school competition to design new logos for them all.

This has gone hand-in-hand with the appointment of a head boy and head girl.

And he has also seen continued sporting success. Thursday, October 6, saw the school’s netball team put in a strong performance against town rivals Claires Court, while Tuesday, October 4, saw the rugby team just miss out on the top spot in an inter-schools tag rugby tournament.

However, while they might have failed to grab the main prize, the side was recognised with a special award for its sportsmanship, something Mr Rhodes, former deputy headteacher at Cookham Rise Primary School, thinks is just as important.

He said: “While it’s great to win things, like rugby tournaments, what we’re trying to get across to the children is that it’s also the taking part and the way in which you take part which is important.”

For him, it’s building attitudes like this which are vital to implementing the school’s mission.

He added: “Ultimately I want to build on the very community-minded spirit and ethos the school has already got so that it continues to be very much part of the community.

“Yes, we’re a school but we also really want to reach out and work alongside the church, because obviously we’re a Church of England school, but also with other organisations in the area.

“I think it’s important for us to do that because by being inclusive, particularly with the way the world seems to be at the moment, what we can give the children is an understanding of each other.”

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