Cameras rolling once again at Bray Studios

The cameras are rolling once again at the iconic Bray Film Studios – four years after its last tenant moved out.

A new project is already underway at the former home of Hammer Horror, with an Elton John biopic called Rocketman currently being filmed.

The studio will be opened on a temporary basis, expected to be around nine months.

Council leader Simon Dudley (Con, Riverside), said: “It’s incredibly exciting, there are a number of projects that are being filmed.

“They are really exciting projects and there’s a possibility that there will be some investment.”

Rocketman will star Taron Egerton, who stars in the Kingsman films, as Elton John.

Cllr Dudley said the reopening of the studios makes the borough stand out even more.

He said: “I think it’s something where the Royal Borough now has a real unique selling point.

“It’s very exciting because there are a lot of people here who are involved in the arts, media and entertainment.”

Bray Film Studios is most famous for the work done there in the 1950s and 1970s.

The original Hammer Horror films, The Curse of Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy were all filmed in Bray in the 1950s.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was filmed there in the 1970s, as well as parts of Ridley Scott’s Alien.

The fate of the studios have hung in the balance after it was purchased by developer Farmglade Limited in 2013, which made plans to convert the site and surrounding areas into housing.

According to Cllr David Coppinger (Con, Bray), the developer decided to reopen the site due to the high demand.

In a video on the Maidenhead Conservatives website, he said: “The demand for filming, mainly because of companies like Netflix, is increasing and there is not enough studio capacity, so the owner of the land has reinstated the studio.

“We will see yet again Hollywood film stars in Bray which has to be good for our local economy.”

Terry Adlam, who worked on the Gerry Anderson production Terrahawks, filmed at the studios in the 1980s, said: “It’s brilliant news, I’m really pleased.

“It’s a huge part of the history of British films, and to have an iconic studio opening in Bray is great.

“It’s great for the new generations of filmmakers, who will now have this to enjoy.”

Ian Pankhurst, of Farmglade, said: “The studio is opening for a particular production and we are allowing them to film here.

“There is planning consent that is currently shelved because of the housing market not supporting it.”

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