Paddington, the Queen and Boris Johnson on Sonning Scarecrow trail

The creators of the Sonning Scarecrows have always been known for their political satire but never prophecy – until now.

For one of the ‘models’ along this year’s Platinum Jubilee weekend trail was none other than ‘Sonnington Bear’ the village’s own version of Paddington, who stole the show alongside Her Majesty the Queen at the Party at the Palace.

Appearing on Thursday along the fundraising, biennial trail, the red-capped, marmalade sandwich-loving Peruvian cub even came with a ‘please take care of this bear’ tag.

‘Sonnington’ was one of 60 installations standing proudly in front gardens or peeking out from bushes and over walls along the streets of Sonning.

Another royal scene was created by Mike and Judith Hart, who put Her Majesty in full party mode with a pink feather boa and disco ball, entitling their creation ‘Dancing Queen’.

Old favourites and new stars of the screen delighted young trail hunters, such as Fireman Sam on the rescue and a stunning Mirabel from Disney’s recent Encanto.

For the grown-ups, there were plenty ‘Partygate’ displays, poking fun at the Prime Minister.

Keeping the display fun but message-heavy was an entry which showed a tired looking scarecrow in scrubs next to a ‘Thank you NHS’ sign.

Organiser Barbara Carr said: “Money raised will go to Sonning village organisations or causes. Over the years we have donated to the church, the primary school, the cricket club, the village hall and many, many more – we even paid for a new bus shelter.”

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