Crime round-up: Youths with catapults spotted in Alexandra Gardens and Datchet

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams
Crime round-up: Windsor High Street shop broken into

The following crimes have been reported in Windsor in the past week. If you have any information on them, use the online reporting tool at or call 101.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or email 

All information comes via Thames Valley Police's neighbourhood alerts.

Central Windsor:

Wednesday, June 15, 1pm, Barry Avenue. The owner found all four tyres slashed and screws pushed into the sidewalls. Ref. No: 43220261387

Friday, June 17, 5pm-5.35pm, Queen Anne’s Court, Peascod Street. Locked up bike stolen from a bike rack. Ref. No: 43220267657

Saturday, June 18, 12.25pm-2.30pm, Castle car park, Thames Avenue. Two locked up bikes stolen: a blue and yellow bike and blue/grey Mulsanne bike both with frame numbers. Ref. No: 43220268505

Saturday, June 18, 11pm – Sunday, June 19, 12.50am, Dorset Road. A grey Mercedes GLA Urban, stolen from outside a house. Keyless car theft. Ref. No: 43220267918

Sunday, June 19, 7.15pm, Alexandra Gardens, Barry Avenue. Report of a youth in the park firing a catapult. Ref. No: 43220268914

Eton and Eton Wick:

Friday, June 17, 4.50pm, Meadow Lane, Brocas Terrace, Eton. Report of a swan killed by a dog in the river. Ref. No: 43220265871

Clewer, Dedworth and Oakley Green:

Friday, June 17, 4.20pm, Riverside, Maidenhead Road. Life buoys stolen from a moored boat. Ref. No: 43220265637

Friday, June 17, 10.35pm, Green Lane. Report of two men in black T-shirts trying to break into a car. Ref. No: 43220266244

Saturday, June 18, 7.45pm, Hatch Lane. Report from security company that someone on the site acting suspiciously. Ref. No: 43220267510

Datchet, Horton and Wraysbury:

Thursday, June 16, 6.50pm, Queen Mother Reservoir, Horton Road, Horton. Car vandalised. Ref. No: 43220264005

Thursday, June 16, 3.10am, Wraysbury Road. Keyless car theft. A blue Bentley, index LF ** HNM, stolen from outside a house. Ref. No: 43220264601

Friday, June 17, Wraysbury Road. Bentley stolen from outside a house. It has now been recovered. A member of the public in the Met Pol area reported a group of men doing something suspicious in the boot of a car outside. Once they realised they had been seen, they jumped into an Audi and drove off. Police recovered this car. It had fake plates and had been hotwired. Ref. No: 43220264601

Saturday, June 18, 12.10am, Solar Farm, Staines Road, Wraysbury. The security company reported footage of two men acting suspiciously on site. Ref. No: 43220266388

Saturday, June 18, 8.30pm, London Road, Datchet. Three youths in a horse-driven cart, firing stones from catapults at cars. A regular occurrence. Ref. No: 43220267558

Saturday, June 18, 11.15pm, Station Road, Wraysbury. Car entered by unknown means. Glasses, loose change and golf clubs stolen. Ref. No: 43220267775

Sunday, June 19, 11am-4.45pm, Staines Road, Wraysbury. The owner found a round hole in a window and a ball bearing on the floor. Ref. No: 43220269033


Old Windsor:

Wednesday, June 15, 6pm – Friday, June 17,1.30pm, Burfield Road. Three incidents: catalytic converter stolen from a Mazda Sport, Ref. No: 43220265333; catalytic converter stolen from a Lexus 200, Ref. No: 43220267449; catalytic converter stolen from a Honda CRV, Ref. No: 43220267449



Wednesday, June 15, 3.10am-3.25am, The Covert. The owner woke up and found multiple pings – about four – on their mobile phone from their multiple CCTV cameras and video doorbell. They showed a group of men trying to steal their car on the driveway with a relay device. As they have been repeat-attempt victims, the owner keeps their keys (including the spare) in Faraday pouches, which police strongly recommend doing. Several attempts have been made to steal their car, a BMW. Ref. No: 43220260805

Ascot and South Ascot:

Friday, June 17, 9pm, High Street. A witness reported a man walking along and kicking a car, causing damage. Ref. No: 43220266514

Saturday, June 18, 9.45pm, / 10pm, Carbery Lane. A resident was in their home, when they looked around and saw a man standing in their hallway. They didn’t know how the man got in, but he was well-mannered and when challenged, left through the front door. He is described as fair with red hair, with a beard and a suit and badge on the lapel. Nothing appears to have been stolen. Ref. No: 43220267683

No crime to report in North Ascot, Sunninghill or Clewer East and Park.

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