Confusion over 'clown bicycle' painted on Maidenhead pavement

MAIDENHEAD 134208-11

The council has insisted that an odd-looking bicycle lane symbol painted in Maidenhead was not the work of one of its contractors after the amateur artwork became the butt of social media jokes this week.

The design was spotted by cyclist Paul Baker on Tuesday, who was out on his bike when he noticed the unfamiliar work on the junction between Wootton Way and Boyn Hill Road.

"Pedestrians on the left, clown bicycles on right? Or perhaps it's an ancient fertility symbol?" Mr Baker wrote on Twitter, amassing more than 300 likes for his popular post. 

It is unclear who is responsible for the poorly-drawn symbol, but the Royal Borough has confirmed that it 'was not painted by the council’s contractor'.

"It will be removed and replaced with the correct one," a spokesman added.

The symbol has become the subject of humour on social media, with some users claiming it represents an 'ant lane', while others joked that the design was not up to the council's required standard for active travel measures.

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