Revered cake maker closes her Twyford shop after 21 years

Will Taylor

A long-serving cake maker has closed her shop, 21 years and 7,000 cakes after she took over from the previous owner.

Wendy Hopes, 69, who ran Frostings in Station Road, Twyford, with help from her husband Tony, an accountant, closed the shop on Saturday.

A number of cake-loving customers stopped by to wish her well.

She is now looking forward to spending more time on holiday, having previously only allowed herself two weeks a year, gardening and spending time with her daughters Beverley and Lindsay.

Frostings made cakes for both joyous celebrations and serious, important events, including wedding centrepieces, birthdays, christenings, funerals, baby showers and anniversaries.

Wendy has also leant advice to amateur cake makers who would visit the shop looking for more than baking products.

She said: “I’ve always wanted to help, especially the young mums who wanted to make their baby’s first birthday cake but didn’t know how. I just told them what to do. They came back year after year after that.”

Frostings also provided cake decorating materials and hired out tins.

Wendy honed her cake making skills by baking for her daughters’ birthdays, and learned how to make intricate decorations at Reading College.

She went on to make cakes for friends and eventually paid a visit to the shop she would later come to run.

An opportunity arose for her to take over the business from the previous owner, and she then ran it for the following two decades.

One of Frostings’ many customers, Sue Corcoran, of Hurst, said: “Wendy was so patient and kind with her advice. It didn’t matter what I asked. I once took a fruit cake in for her to pronounce on whether it was cooked.

“Going to see her seated at the little counter in her pretty and well-organised shop was like visiting a revered wise and oracle.”

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