Farnham Royal school buries time capsule to mark 200th anniversary

A primary school in Farnham Royal has marked its 200th anniversary by burying a time capsule in its learning garden.

St Mary’s Farnham Royal CofE Primary School linked its landmark anniversary festivities with celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

In celebration of the anniversary, pupils and teachers gathered in the school’s learning garden on Thursday, May 26, for a ceremony led by headteacher Vania Eaglen to bury a time capsule under a Platinum Jubilee tree which was planted in honour of the historic event.

Pupils across all year groups at the school added work to the capsule, including letters, pictures, and art, reflecting upon life now and what they expected life to be like in 70 years.

Photographs of school life were also added, alongside the winning entries of an art and poetry competition, and a cover note letter explaining to those in the future what they were finding and why.

James Farmer, deputy head and pastoral support leader, said: “We hope that in another 70 years' time pupils at St Mary's Farnham Royal will be able to dig up the capsule to see what happened to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and find out what life was like for pupils at the school at that time. “

As part of the linked celebrations, on the same day, a jubilee picnic was also held featuring music and dancing. The school has also continued the tradition of its predecessors and started a diary recording entries of incidents over the next 200 years.

Mr Farmer added: “The events have been brilliant and just what school needed as we have moved back to near normality after the pandemic.

“It is special to have been part of this school's history and to be here at such an anniversary. It is a hidden gem in Slough and being able to share the history of the school with people in Slough is great.”

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