Campaigners vow to fight on against Borough Local Plan

Shay Bottomley
Campaigners vow to fight on against Borough Local Plan

Image from Rod Bird

Campaigners who lodged a legal challenge against the Borough Local Plan have vowed to fight on after a High Court ruling.

The Maidenhead Great Park group, which is opposed to development on Maidenhead Golf Course, shared the news of the judge’s decision to refuse permission for their case to be formally heard in court on Monday (July 25) .

Although lawyers for the group argued the complaint had been ‘lodged’ within the six-week deadline, a High Court judge disagreed due to an error in serving the papers.

However, the group looks set to continue the fight by appealing the judge’s decision via a renewal hearing, which allows the group to make their case in open court and convince the High Court to change its mind.

In a statement, MGP said: “Through our legal challenge we are fighting for the full scrutiny of the Borough Local Plan.

“This is supported by local residents who feel their concerns about this environmentally damaging local plan were not adequately addressed during the Borough Local Plan consultation process.

“The recent heatwave and wildfires are yet another warning of the threats that our community and our wildlife face with the changing climate, and it's vital that we do everything we can now to adapt to these threats.

“This includes protecting publicly owned greenspace and trees in our community, as a place for biodiversity, shading, water storage and pollution absorption.”

A spokesperson for the Royal Borough said: “The council remains confident that due process has been followed in making the Borough Local Plan. The adopted plan continues to have full weight in the planning process.

“Having a new, sound and adopted Local Plan puts the borough in a strong position to meet, in a sustainable way, all our local housing and employment needs, to capture investment and regeneration opportunities, guard against unsupported speculative development and protect our valued natural and built historic heritage.

“While a tiny fraction of green belt development is needed in sustainable locations, the Borough Local Plan still protects 82 per cent of the borough as green belt and just one per cent has been released for new homes and employment.”

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