Family pays tribute after 'miracle man' Tom Twitchen passes away

Grace Witherden

Family pays tribute after 'miracle man' Tom Twitchen passes away

Tom Twitchen with mum Trudie

A loving family has paid tribute to ‘miracle man’ Tom Twitchen after he passed away following a long battle with cancer.

The 26-year-old died due to complications after battling the disease for more than three years on Monday, August 8.

Tom, from Blenheim Road, nearly died three times in 2013 from a form of blood cancer called extranodal NK/T cell lymphoma.

He bravely fought the disease, going into remission twice, and raised funds with his family to help others battling cancer.

His mum, Trudie said: “He continued fighting until the very end, but his body couldn’t take anymore.

“His story inspired everyone in Maidenhead, and he touched so many people.

“He was beautiful and he was amazing, I couldn’t be more proud of him.”

“Even after he died they used his body for medical research, Tom would be proud knowing that he can help another person get just a bit further.”

The former Altwood School pupil gained the nickname 'miracle man' after her broke Royal Berkshire Hospital’s record for losing the most amount of blood and surviving. At one point a doctor had to push his hand into Tom’s neck to close a damaged artery by hand.

Just last month, Tom got engaged to his fiancée Kayleigh Rothery and he became an uncle when his sister Robyn gave birth to a baby boy named Luca.

Kayleigh said: “He was the only person that could go through everything and still be someone’s rock.

“He said it was the best day of his life when Luca was born.”

His sister Robyn said: “We’re very lucky to have had him for these three years, he passed away fighting.”

“He was our miracle.”

A Facebook page has been set up so people can post tributes to Tom called ‘The memory of Tom "Miracle Man" Twitchen'.

A funeral for Tom will take place on Wednesday, August 24 in Amersham, and a gathering will be held at SportsAble from 4pm.

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