Urgent appeal for donations after Maidenhead Foodshare burglary

Maidenhead Foodshare moves to new home

Volunteers at Maidenhead Foodshare

An urgent appeal for donations is being made after Maidenhead Foodshare was broken into on Thursday night and about £1,000 worth of food was stolen.

Sue Brett, who runs the foodbank in New Market in King Street, said she and her team only realised there had been a break in on Friday morning.

She said when she and her team gave out food to people in need earlier today (Saturday), they realised how much food had been stolen.

“We put the trays of food which is closer to going off at the front of our shelves.

“It’s only when we took the food from the front and saw there were no trays behind them we realised they had been taken.

“People are disappointed that we’ve been broken into and there are people out there who say ‘who would do that?’

“But I say we have to think how desperate they must have been to steal the food.”

Foodshare volunteers, who provide food and assistance every day of the week, fear they may not have enough food for their service on Monday.

Donation boxes for Foodshare can be found in most Maidenhead supermarkets and Maidenhead churches collect for the charity on Sundays.

A volunteer will be at Foodshare tomorrow (Sunday) for between half-an-hour to an hour to collect donations.

Alternatively if you leave a message suggesting a time on www.facebook.com/TheBrettFoundation someone from the team can come to the King Street site to collect donations.

Visit www.thebrettfoundation.org.uk to donate money.

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