Noodle Nation waiter launches Crazy Chef game

Noodle Nation waiter launches Crazy Chef game

James Preston

Noodle Nation waiter launches Crazy Chef game

A hard wok-ing waiter is hoping to hit it big with a side-scrolling game involving an angry Chinese chef fighting off gangsters who didn't pay for their food.

Mohammad Iqbal

Lifelong Maidenhead resident Mohammad Iqbal has created Crazy Chef Chinatown, a new app which has just been released for iPhones and iPads.

It follows 'Crazy Chef', a master in the art of 'kung foo'd', as he fights off enemies with his trusty wok and other kitchen-themed weapons.

Mohammad has been an employee at Noodle Nation, in King Street, for four years, and began developing his idea in April last year after a chance conversation led to him calling one of the cooks at the restaurant 'crazy chef'.

The name stuck in his head and, taking inspiration from Chinese food and Bruce Lee films, Mohammad began to form an idea for a game.

"I just came up with the whole concept for the game and what's going to happen," he said.

"I thought this is a game that I can relate to and found funny."

The 22-year-old set to work raising money to fund the project, before approaching app developer Fan Studio to make the game.

The app went live at the end of January, and has already received five-star reviews from users who have described it as 'addictive' and a 'great game for anyone to play'.

The iPad version even allows players to put an image of their own face on the Crazy Chef character.

"I know quite a few Chinese people and they love the idea," said former Desborough College pupil Mohammad.

"It's done a lot better than I had hoped.

"People are telling me they can't stop playing it.

"My friends can't stop texting me."

The Laggan Square resident worked on the app between his job at Noodle Nation, working as an accounts assistant in Ealing and studying accounts at Buckinghamshire New University, but hasn't ruled out more games.

"You just never know," he said. "I just took a little gamble and thought, 'why not'?"

The game is available for free from the Apple appstore.

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