Stag sculpture joins waterside menagerie

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams

A statue of a stag is the latest artwork to be unveiled as part of the Waterside Quarter development in the town centre.

The graceful new sculpture depicts ‘Ceterwayd’, a stag that was renowned within royal hunting parties, who historically began their chase on the grounds of Shanly Homes’ new development.

The stag marks the latest in a series of artwork pieces in the Maidenhead Memories sculpture series dotted along the banks of the rejuvenated York Stream.

The stag was created by father and son duo Brian and George Fell, who also designed the Prize Pig on the site.

On Wednesday (April 27), Mayor of the Royal Borough Councillor John Story unveiled the new piece.

“Such public artwork adds to the vibrancy of our regenerated street scene and to our rich cultural heritage as a borough,” he said.

“I applaud the artists who are clearly very talented and have captured the spirit of this beautiful creature.”

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