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'Intergalactic space lord' who ran against Theresa May reveals identity

The ‘intergalactic space lord’ who ran against Theresa May in the 2017 general election has revealed himself to the world.

Lord Buckethead’s true identity is Jon Harvey, a comedian who lives in Croydon.

He has announced that he is walking away from the leather-clad character following a legal dispute with the original creator of Lord Buckethead, a spoof version of Darth Vader from the 1984 film Gremloids.

Jon shot to fame as Buckethead when he ran against Theresa May in the 2017 election, which saw the Conservatives lose 13 seats in parliament and forfeit their majority.

Jon said: “Since I’ve revealed who I am, it’s been a relief. It’s the biggest secret I’ve ever kept so It’s been nice to finally be able to tell people about it.

“I thought it was funny and enjoyed doing it, I would have been perfectly happy to do it if no one noticed it.”

Jon was not actually the first person to pose as Lord Buckethead in a general election. In 1974 the character faced off against Margaret Thatcher, and a few years later he stood against John Major.

According to Jon, he and a group of friends had hoped to find the original Buckethead and ask him to run in 2017, but when they could not find him they decided someone else should take up the mantle.

The plan had been for one of his friends to don the home-made costume, but when he got a new job and did not want to risk being exposed, Jon stepped forward as he was  the next tallest in the group.

Jon said: “The hardest thing was was getting the signatures needed to run in the first place. Every candidate needs ten signatures.

“We asked everyone we could find on the day if they would sign, but the good folk of Maidenhead were not too keen, which is fair enough. I thought it wasn’t going to happen.

Jon eventually got the signatures he needed, and went on to win 349 votes in the election, only 37,469 less than the Prime Minister.

Two years later, Jon said he struggles to feel sorry for Mrs May after she announced she will resign as the leader of the Conservative party last week.

He said: “We all have an innate sympathy and don’t like to see people burn up, but ultimately this is all her fault.

“I am claiming the moral victory. 349 votes is a Buckethead record. If you compare the last two years I think I know who Mrs May would rather be.”

Ahead of the European Parliament elections earlier this month, the Lord Buckethead Twitter account announced the character would attempt to run as a candidate.

According to Jon, this is no longer anything to do with him, as the Twitter account is now under the control of film director Todd Durham, the original creator of Lord Buckethead.

Although Jon and Todd initially got along, the director requested Jon hand over the password of the account. Unsure if there were legal grounds for this, but not in a position where he could afford to find out, he acquiesced the account in October.

Jon then decided that if he could not carry on portraying the character independently as he had in the past, he would rather not do it at all.

He said: “None of the stuff I have done was for money. I am out of pocket from this but it was worth it for a laugh.

“The only way I want to do anything, not just this, is I want to be independent, not answerable to anyone.”

With Lord Buckethead behind him, Jon is now focusing on his own comedy career. He has co-written a Radio 4 satirical sit-com, Lobby Land, that is on this summer. He is also performing a comedy gig, as himself, in London on Monday.


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