Maidenhead Conservative Association chairman becomes latest councillor to resign from Tory group

Tara O'Connor

The chairman of the Maidenhead Conservative Association has stepped down from the borough’s Tory group stating that he ‘cannot continue to support Simon Dudley’ as Royal Borough leader.

Cllr Geoff Hill (Oldfield) announced this morning (Thursday) that he will now serve as an Independent Conservative on the council.

On Monday Cllr Dudley (Con, Riverside) survived a motion of no confidence within the group, which was put forward in the wake of his controversial comments about 'aggressive begging' in Windsor.

Cllr Hill is the third councillor to leave the group since the vote after councillors Asghar Majeed (Oldfield) and Paul Brimacombe (Cox Green) announced they were also resigning to become Independent Conservatives on Tuesday.

Cllr Hill’s statement in full reads as follows: “Over the last few days I have thought deeply on the subject and I have arrived at the same conclusion as Cllrs Majeed and Brimacombe.

“The Conservative Group know that I supported the motion of no confidence in Cllr Dudley’s leadership, I spoke very plainly on the matter. I cannot continue to lend my support to Cllr Dudley as leader and I do not agree with the majority of my fellow Conservative councillors on this subject.

“This is a particularly difficult decision for me as I am presently the chair of Maidenhead Conservative Association with two months to go before the end of my three-year tenure. I have contributed much time and effort to serving the interests of the Conservative Association in Maidenhead, which is a cause I deeply believe in and I consider it a great privilege to hold this position.

“That said there is now a clear divergence between what the Maidenhead Conservative Group has become under the leadership of Cllr Dudley and what I consider it should be.”

He has submitted his resignation from the borough’s Conservative group effective today.

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