'Misadventure' verdict at Premier Inn death inquest

A construction worker who was fatally wounded at the site of the Premier Inn in Maidenhead died due to misadventure, an inquest jury has ruled.

Benjamin Wylie, a pumps man, was 24 when he died on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at the West Street site.

He was trying to pump grease into a component called a grease nipple on a rig when the incident occurred.

Coroner Peter Bedford recorded he died due to shock and haemorrhage, which was caused when he was struck in the chest by high pressure grease from the SR70 piling rig.

He suffered a laceration to his right lung.

In his record, Mr Bedford concluded that ‘this arose from a decision to repair and re-use, rather than replace’ the grease nipple, which had broken off the day before.

Peter Bedford recorded the conclusion today following a jury inquest that started on Monday, October 24.

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