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Viewpoint: Readers full of praise for vaccine teams

Readers have written in to the Advertiser this week to praise staff and volunteers after receiving their COVID-19 vaccine.

Courtesy, efficiency and care at vaccination

I want to congratulate the Claremont (Maidenhead) team for the precision and general excellence of the way they conducted the vaccine arrangements I encountered last week at the Desborough Suite.

They are an example to all such locations nationally on how to conduct this exercise.

I am 82 and was quite nervous about attending, but the courtesy, care and efficiency shown to me was outstanding.

Well done to all the staff involved, especially in these extremely challenging times.


Ascot Road


Lucky and proud of young volunteers

I had my vaccine last week. Such caring, such efficiency. All the staff were young volunteers. We are so lucky and proud to have these young people. We applaud you.



‘Bursting’ to give our town pat on the back

I wish to express my AMAZED congratulations on the efficiency and competence of Maidenhead's arrangements for getting a jab (no queueing in the cold, a smooth progression, caring marshals and comfortable immediate after-care).

I thought they were wonderful when I had mine last Friday, but since I hear of other friends' less happy experiences nation -wide, I now know they are outstanding.

It is rare to be bursting to give our town a pat on the back.


Spencers Road


Excellent service given around our COVID jabs

I write in praise of COVID jabs at Desborough Hall. As over 80s, my wife and I were invited by text to book an appointment. A few days later we attended, were shepherded through the arrival process by a team of volunteers, received an injection, then sat for the required 15 minutes watching an information video compiled by staff from several GP practices in the area. All truly excellent – so it’s not all bad out there.

Dr BL Smith

River Road


Dog owners – please pick up your poo bags

My husband and I went walking over Pinkneys Green on Sunday for our daily exercise. We take a plastic bag and picker upper to collect all the bits and pieces of litter that seem to be everywhere.

Today we discovered at least five bags of dog poo either left at the side of the path or flung into the undergrowth. Who do the dog owners think are going to pick it up?

Even if the bags degrade it will still take many months.

The council supply a bin for dog poo in the car park and, even if they are not near one, can’t the dog owners take it home with them? Please dog owners, have regard for other people who use the area for exercise.

We are so lucky to have this facility and it’s such a shame that the few spoil it for us.


Lime Walk

Pinkneys Green

Reduce plastic waste – don’t buy bottled water

It is easy to think that global warming and pollution are declining now thanks to the appearance of Global Extinction and Greta Thunberg last year. It is not and we cannot just carry on as before believing that we have done our bit by talking about it.

As readers of the Maidenhead Advertiser we have considerable brain-power which should be used to think of ways to improve our environment, and a duty to do just that.

The decision to reduce the use of plastic bags has been effective and a similar move to ban the sale of bottled drinking water would be even more helpful.

How can we possibly justify the sale of 4,000 million bottles of water in the UK every year when our tap water is absolutely safe?

This figure, equivalent to more than 50 bottles for every person in the UK, does not include bottled fruit-drinks or water with added electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, etc.

Tap water is subjected to much more stringent tests by the Drinking Water Inspectorate than is bottled water, as well as costing 500 times less.

Most of our tap water is supplied by South East Water who collects it mainly from underground chalk aquifers.

If you need to carry water with you then try filling a re-usable bottle from the tap in your home. If you like to have added electrolytes then you could take them in a different form.

If the flavour of your tap water is a problem then a jug with a charcoal filter is an option.

The industry body, Water UK, has established a facility that means that most towns and many retail outlets will now let you refill your water bottle free wherever you are in the UK.

The app “Refill” has a list of all such outlets. You do not need to buy anything to access this service.

The production of plastic drinks bottles has huge environmental costs in terms of the raw materials, the energy used, the amount of water wasted in the process, the by-products, and transport.

The end result is billions of tons of plastic debris in the oceans. How can we possibly justify this extravagance?


Dean Lane

Cookham Dean

Town needs to be a place of difference

There has to be good reasons to visit and remain in Maidenhead town centre for it to prosper.

I am struck by how many other locales have managed to keep small-scale outlets going eg many independent shops (in Brighton); sports facilities (petanque in France); hand-made goods making (in Japan); patisseries (in France); book shops (in Hay-on-Wye); art galleries (in London, Spain); musical instrument making (in France) etc.

RBWM has done well to foster a cafe culture and restaurants ready for the burgeoning future occupation of new developments rising ever upwards.

More offices do provide work but not necessarily local community.

Can someone explain to me where in the new Maidenhead builds are explicitly earmarked guaranteed-affordable spaces for new bakeries, co-operative craft ventures, small repair workshops, art, pottery and music making venues, custom distilleries, hand-made production spaces etc?

To me, Maidenhead needs to be a place of derived quality products and experiences with a point of difference, not another copy of retail cities elsewhere.

The COVID emergency will pass.

Community activities and artisans need fostering down-town not just pushed to the periphery like our green spaces by advancing concrete.



Please give only kindly words to fellow folk

Random words can pierce like spears

Or can sow a precious seed

Can cause a barrier to be built up

Or be a father to a beautiful deed

Can plant suspicion or give support

Be as soft as sighs or be harsh retorts

Can form a friendship or make an enemy

Can enslave a loved one or set them free

Can cause a tear or raise a smile

(And, like a smile, make a stranger stop awhile)

They can close down a city or open up doors

All these random words can cause and more

So before you next speak or write

Please pause to remember

Random words have a life in their own right

Which can cause great offence or give great delight

So (especially in these COVID-19 crisis times)

Please give only kindly words to your fellow folk

And, by doing so, spread some long lasting delight

And by using a few well chosen random words

(As the new year begins) build bridges not barriers.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who supported my December Devine Daily Dash (D4) – raising vital funds for the local Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service, which needs to raise £1.6million a year to cover its running costs.

Together, we raised £105.



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