Community group looking for lorry watch volunteers to tackle overweight vehicles on road

Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams

The community group OGAFCA (Oakley Green, Fifield & District Community Association) is looking for volunteers for its lorry watch.

A lorry watch is a scheme operated by local observers (rather than police or other officials), to detect the misuse of weight restricted routes by heavy goods vehicles in local towns and parishes. Volunteers monitor the number of lorries passing through a road that are over the weight limit.

There is a 7.5 tonne limit on heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) on Oakley Green Road – but there are frequent violations, OGAFCA has observed.

As such, it is looking to conduct its own lorry watches to highlight the problem in the hopes of enforcement.

This follows the ‘disappointing’ news that the Royal Borough is not intending to change the speed limit on the road from 40mph down to 30mph – because the police do not wish to enforce it.

With a view to at least tackle the lorry problem, OGAFCA will be organising teams of volunteers to help with lorry watches this month

To take part in the lorry watches, contact OGAFCA through its website at 

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