M4 smart motorway compound recommended for approval

Grace Witherden

A recommendation for approval was given by Bray Parish Council for the construction of a compound to be used for the M4 Smart Motorway.

The application seeks the construction of a compound on land between the M4, the A308 (M) and A330 Ascot Road.

The compound will be used for the construction of the Smart Motorway, which includes installing new technology which will keep traffic flowing and turning the hard shoulder into an additional lane.

The site will include a main office, several small construction compounds which will accept the delivery of materials, as well as space for the accommodation of 250 staff.

Temporary permission is required for up to six years and three months on the site.

Cllr Peter Janikoun (Ind, Holyport) delivered a presentation on the application to councillors at the planning meeting on Monday and suggested that it should be approved subject to conditions.

Douglas Bond, town planning consultant representing the land-owners, said the application was a better alternative than the DCO (development consent order) applied for by Highways England.

He said: “The DCO is very likely to be given the go ahead; this application is to seek an alternative that better respects and safeguards the amenities of local residents that protects the characteristics of the site. The landowners have engaged with Highways England in this application.”

Speaking at the meeting, former parish councillor Geoff Hayes said the conditions must be ‘watertight’.

He said: “There is going to be a huge number of lorry movements for a long period of time. I’ve read the documents ] and the amount of materials that are going to be stored on the site is astronomical, it is vital this is watertight.”

The parish council recommended the application for approval subject to conditions including reduced vehicle movements at night, restoration of the site afterwards, compensation to nearby residents affected by the work and restricting lorries driving through Holyport.

The meeting took place at Braywood Memorial Hall in Fifield.

A decision is expected from the Royal Borough by Tuesday, October 4.

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