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Berkshire MS Therapy Centre receives donation from Louis Baylis Trust

A charity that has been supported by the Louis Baylis Trust for 22 years has received another grant of £2,000.

The Berkshire MS Therapy Centre was set up in 1984 by people with multiple sclerosis ‘to make life with MS easier’.

MS is an unpredictable neurological condition whereby the body’s own immune system causes damage to nerves which disturbs communications between the brain and the body.

The most common symptoms include fatigue, vision problems, numbness and tingling, muscle spasms and weakness, mobility problems, pain, cognitive problems and depression and anxiety.

Samantha Harper, fund-raising manager for Berkshire MS Therapy Centre, said: “There is no cure for MS but the right support can make all the difference by helping someone manage their symptoms.”

The Berkshire MS Therapy Centre in Brock Gardens, Reading, enables its members to have MS physiotherapy and exercise classes, oxygen treatment, counselling, footcare and a range of complementary therapies.

The charity also provides outreach sessions once a week in Henley.

Nabil Jafari, 57, lives in Windsor and uses the centre. He said: “Since the first day I walked through the doors with my wife by my side I have felt safe and not alone.”

He added: “It is one of the few places where we don’t have to explain why today this particular limb or body part is not working correctly and no one judges.

“They have helped me live with this beastly disease; their kindness and care I honestly could not be without.”

Over 22 years the Louis Baylis trust has provided grants that total more than £50,000, which ‘has been absolutely key’ to giving members the support they rely on.

Samantha said: “With no funding from the NHS, donations from organisations like the Louis Baylis Charitable Trust are the difference between people receiving the support they need and facing MS alone.”

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