POLL: Is the M4 Smart Motorway a good idea?

POLL: Is the M4 Smart Motorway a good idea?



I'm undecided

A stretch of the M4 passing Maidenhead and Slough is set to be converted into a 'Smart Motorway' following approval by the Department for Transport.

The scheme, which will costs upwards of half a billion pounds, will see the hard shoulder turned into an additional lane on a 32-mile stretch between Junction 3 (Hayes) and Junction 12 (Theale).

It will also see the installation of new technology to help keep traffic flowing, including speed cameras and overhead displays with information about traffic conditions.

Those in favour of the scheme, which should be completed by 2022, say it will help make the motorway safer and reduce congestion, but critics say it has not worked elsewhere and raised concerns about the loss of the hard shoulder.

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