Legoland Windsor's new indoor attraction hoped to open in 2023

Legoland to close to help prevent spread of coronavirus

Legoland Windsor has announced that a new indoor golfing attraction is planned to open in spring 2023.

A representative of the resort was present at a Windsor Town Forum meeting yesterday (Thursday) to further unveil its plans for 'Lego Adventure Golf'.

It wants to build this on the site of one of the existing car parks immediately to the west of the resort, said David Pugh, consultation advisor to Legoland Windsor.

He confirmed that the new mini golf attraction is undergoing a planning application process, with consultations and feedback from local residents 'generally positive'.

David said: "Crazy and adventure golf is becoming more and more popular across the country and this is going to be a new type of attraction.

"This will be an application that goes into the council, we have done that pre-application process and had feedback from local residents."

It is planned for Lego Adventure Golf to be available for guests to enjoy in the evening if they are staying overnight, and will also be included as part of a day entry to the park.

"All being well, we very much hope to welcome guests from Spring 2023 onwards," David said.

Legoland told the meeting that the addition of the attraction will create more jobs for the area and spread its visitor numbers throughout the year.

"We want to support the Royal Borough's economic recovery, trying to get the next generation of visitors and getting them to stay longer," David added.

The issue of traffic numbers visiting Legoland Windsor and what it can do to fight climate change was brought up at the meeting.

Cllr Jon Davey (WWRA, Clewer & Dedworth West) asked whether a direct link to the resort from the M4 could help alleviate congestion, but this was dismissed by David due to environmental concerns.

"We are aware of the impact on traffic," he said. "We need to think about how we can look at avoiding traffic coming at the same time, but also trying to look at different modes of transport."

The idea of an electric shuttle bus from the train station to Legoland was floated by Cllr Carole da Costa (WWRA, Clewer and Dedworth East).

This proposition was better received by David, who said that there could be some scope within the Government's emerging Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) to implement this.

The borough has put forward its own bus plan to central Government so it can be eligible for a slice of a £3billion fund to improve public transport and reduce carbon emissions.

Flexible bus services that respond to demand could also be a way of tempting Legoland visitors away from their cars, David added. 

Later in the meeting, Legoland representatives provided councillors with an update on the resort's 'long-term plan', which was approved by the Royal Borough back in May 2018 and involves the major build of a 'holiday village'. 

Lodges in a woodland setting will provide on-site accommodation for visitors, who are hoped to be able to use the new facilities by 2024.

"We have been on quite a journey since then [May 2018]," David said, alluding to the various legal challenges which were brought up against the proposed development of the holiday village.

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