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General Election 2019: Meet the Windsor candidates

General Election 2019: Meet the Windsor candidates

Ahead of next week’s general election, the Express spoke to six candidates hoping for Windsor residents' votes.

Conservative Party candidate Adam Afriyie has been Windsor MP for 14 years.

He will face competition from Labour, the Liberal Democrats, Green Party and two Independent candidates.

Adam Afriyie, Conservative

What are your main polices for Windsor?

If I am re-elected you have my commitment that I will continue to fight, tooth and nail, against a third Runway at Heathrow that would be bad for our residents, economy and environment. I will continue to fight for completion of the Thames Flood Alleviation Scheme to protect our homes and businesses and will continue to defend the local economy that provides so many livelihoods.

Why should voters back you?

The choice at this election is between a majority Conservative Government that will end the paralysis and confusion in Parliament, get Brexit done, and let the country move on; and a hung Parliament, led by Labour and committed to another two referendums.

Peter Shearman, Labour

What are your main polices for Windsor?

We should be properly investing in the future of the country and the next generation. We will re-invest in public services; introduce a Green New Deal to tackle our Climate Crisis; save the NHS from chronic underinvestment and the threat of a Trump-led trade deal; and a sensible approach to Brexit with a democratic referendum providing an option to Remain.

Why should voters back you?

I believe we have a chance now for positive change. As your representative I promise to run weekly surgeries, live in the constituency and work tirelessly on your behalf to achieve the future that the people of Windsor deserve.

Julian Tisi, Lib Dem

What are your main polices for Windsor?

We will tackle the climate emergency, reversing school cuts, hiring 20,000 more teachers. Building a fairer economy, giving everyone a £10,000 skills wallet. Free childcare from ages 2-4 for 35 hours a week, 48 weeks a year, so more parents can work. Protecting the NHS, investing £11bn into treating mental health. But we must first stop Brexit, generating a £50bn remain bonus.  

Why should voters back you?

I’ve fought numerous campaigns locally and I’ll be a hardworking MP available to all, irrespective of how you vote.

Fintan McKeown, Green

What are your main polices for Windsor?

At this critical juncture it is certain that the Green Party offers the only viable and realistic policies for our climate emergency. Windsor residents have a remarkable local, national, European and international sensibility which must be allowed freedom of expression.

Why should voters back you?

As Windsor’s representative I will continue to voice your concerns and ambitions throughout and beyond any forthcoming election.

David Buckley, Independent

What are your main polices for Windsor?

Stop tribal Party Politics and use your vote to put an Independent in place who can cherry pick policies to filter benefits down to you, the constituents. No one party represented my views so I had no home for my vote. I wanted to find a way to show Parliament that they need to wake up, listen and understand what the people are saying.

Why should voters back you?

We need adult politics and not further division. This can be achieved by an Independent winning the Windsor seat. This would send a big message to Parliament and can be the catalyst for change.

Wisdom Da Costa, Independent

What are your main polices for Windsor?

Making rapid progress Climate Change and Biodiversity (I have helped catalyse opportunities for our Council working with scientists and environmental groups and defra). Engaging directly with residents, communities and businesses with regular programmed meetings with you around the Constituency, near you. Giving you a direct say in voting in parliament using technology, and also keeping you informed on the issues.

Why should voters back you?

Voting for me will give you that radical, you-centred action that we need to help save our planet and address our local needs.

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  • WindsorRider

    14:18, 09 December 2019

    It’s concerning that in a General Election campaign the only report in the W&E Express in the last week regarding our MP is regarding his potential bankruptcy proceedings. Presumably this is because with such a traditional Conservative majority many feel theare isn’t an election contest in the constituency. I’m hoping Windsor & Eton residents will be voting for a candidate who takes more interest in the area than in his businesses; by holding constituency surgeries for example. That rules the incumbent out.



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