Police issue warning following rise in tool thefts from vans

Police issue warning following rise in tool thefts from vans

Van drivers are being warned to secure their vehicles after a recent spate of tool thefts in Windsor and Maidenhead.

In August there were 26 reports of tools being stolen from vans across the borough - compared to 12 the previous month.

Detective Sergeant Dean Brown said: “I would urge motorists to be mindful that thieves will be on the lookout for vehicles which have not been left properly secured.

“It is important for motorists to lock their vehicles and double-check that they have done so.

“There are also some other simple steps you can take to make yourself less likely to be a victim, including simply not storing tools in vehicles overnight.

“It is also advisable to display notices that inform potential thieves that no tools are kept within.”

Police gave out the following advice:

  • Register your tools – register your tools on Immobilise, the national property register where you can record makes, models, serial numbers etc
  • Property marking – security mark your tools to deter criminals, either engrave or obviously mark the tools with a permanent marker or paint, with your postcode and house number. Also use an ultraviolet pen to covertly mark the tools or use a covert product such as Smartwater  or Selecta DNA
  • Secure your vehicle – ensure your vehicle is secure and locked when not in use. Consider additional locks specific to vans
  • Leave your vehicle empty – if possible remove all valuable tools overnight
  • Alarm your vehicle – have an alarm fitted to your vehicle if there isn’t one already fitted
  • Park in a secure area – if possible park in busy, visible, secure areas. Try to park with the rear doors close to a building, garage door etc to make gaining access more difficult
  • Install internal security – consider installing a robustly locked internal metal cage, tool store/box. A moveable store or box must be well secured to the vehicle

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