Pet snake spotted loose in fields near Knowl Hill homes

Pet snake spotted loose in fields near Knowl Hill homes

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A royal python has been spotted roaming wild in parts of woodland near Knowl Hill, Twyford and Wargrave.

The creature, thought to be a non-poisonous, former ‘domestic pet’, was last spotted on Wednesday, June 29, in one of the fields between Lutmans Haven and Star Lane.

On a previous occasion it was spotted in other parts of countryside near Warren Row village.

Concerned Twyford residents, discussing the snake’s fate on a Facebook chatgroup, shared updates on the python’s whereabouts with several even going out to the relevant fields, armed with pillowcases to catch it.

Many were worried about personal and pet safety whereas most were concerned that the ‘obviously abandoned pet’ was hungry and thirsty and needing a home and that if the weather turns it cold ‘it will suffer.’

According to the RSPCA, the python could be heading for familiar surroundings in the tall grass. Pythons originate from West and Central Africa where it is accustomed to open grasslands. 

Graham Martin, of Berkshire Reptile Encounters, said:

“Basically identify the snake by calling a rescue service. Maybe secure the animal and rescue can take it in. 99.9999% of abandoned snakes are harmless. Even a bite doesn’t hurt too much but captive breed snakes don’t tend to bite unless surprised or scared.

“As a rescue ourselves it does worry me that instead of looking on the net for rescues so many owners just abandon animals to their fate in a foreign country much too cold to survive in.”

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