More delays expected this weekend for A4 roadworks

Emma Billingham

Emma Billingham

More delays expected this weekend for A4 roadworks

Drivers are being advised to avoid the Berkeley Homes construction works on the A4 this weekend with more disruption expected as works continue on the new road layout.

Traffic light controls in both directions have recently caused backlogs of traffic on both sides of Maidenhead Bridge as the property developer creates a new roundabout, pedestrian crossing and cycleway.

Royal Borough council leader Simon Dudley has been working with Berkeley Homes to ease the issues.

Cllr Dudley said: “I was caught up in the traffic myself last weekend, it was absolutely dreadful.

“In the long-run it will be alright, but I think we’re in for a tough one this weekend.

“We also have a lot of big events in Maidenhead this weekend so I would suggest people find a different way into Maidenhead.”

In a statement, Berkeley Homes has apologised for the inconvenience caused during the ongoing highway improvement works.

It added: “We appreciate that our works are one of the contributing factors to the current delays experienced by motorists along the A4.”

This Saturday and Sunday motorists have been warned that resurfacing works are likely to cause extra delays.

Berkeley Homes said: “There is likely to be some lengthening of journey times. There might also be unforeseen construction problems which may delay the removal of the lights.

“As such it would be advised to avoid the area or allow more time for journeys.”

The company has introduced new measures in an attempt to ease the congestion. These include traffic lights used only at off-peak times, improved advance warning signage for drivers, a traffic marshall dedicated to the Mill Lane junction to ensure no additional queues are caused, and more signage to ensure both Mill Lane and Ellington Road junctions are kept clear while waiting at the lights. 

The road is due to be fully re-opened by the end of the month.

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