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Five easy money saving tips for 2020

Staff reporter

SPONSORED:  Five easy money saving tips for 2020

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to prepare for your financial future.

One of the easiest ways to prepare is to simply cut unnecessary expenses and save more of your hard earned money.

We often forget some of the golden rules that our parents taught us. Here’s a quick list of things you can do to save thousands in 2020. No matter your circumstance, there’s something here that everyone can use.

1.  Cancel unused subscriptions

 There are so many subscription services around and it’s easy to get sucked in especially as they usually lure you in with your first month free. But the problem with those is that you tend to sign up and forget, or you get “cancel remorse” and keep subscriptions you don’t really use.

 2.  Save hundreds on your energy bills


Did you know that energy companies charge you an extra £100-£300 per year when you don’t change your energy deal? With another temperature drop around the corner, we’re feeling the chill.

For decades energy suppliers have gotten away with expensive energy bills. Then one company showed up on Dragons’ Den and is changing everything…

Look After My Bills co-founders went into the Den and wowed the Dragons - walking away with the BEST deal in the history of the popular TV show.

The concept of Look After My Bills is simple: you sign up just once, and the service finds you a great deal (and switches you to it) every year.

And the best part is, Look After My Bills is FREE! They are helping over 200,000 renters and homeowners avoid the energy rip-off this winter.

Get a quote in just 60 seconds to see how much you can save »

3.  Bring your own lunch to work

The cost of buying lunch every day adds up. Meal deals sound cheap at around £3 - £5 but before you know it you’ve spent £150 a month on lunches! If you make your own at home it can cost as little as £1 per lunch! That’s a £120 saving each month and £1,400 over the whole year.

4.  Quit buying expensive coffee

Yes, we all love a Starbucks Latte every now and again. However, buying coffee from your favourite barista everyday will quickly add up.

Let’s do the math… £3 per latte 5 days a week will cost £15. That’s £60 across the month! You could brew your own coffee at home and add that £60 into your savings instead.

5.  Save on supermarket shopping

There are two easy ways to save hundreds on your weekly food shop.

The first is to make a meal list. Only buy food for your packed lunches and meals. You’ll often find that without a list you’ll pick up way more than you intended. This is called “hunger shopping” and it’s extremely dangerous for your purse/wallet.

The second is to shop one brand level down. Supermarkets have created their own version of best selling brands and often a name brand and supermarket brand will be made in the same factory.

Next time you shop, go one brand level lower. So if you buy Heinz baked beans, try Tesco’s own brand.

Reminder: People are saving on average £253 a year on their energy bills. Latest statistics show that at least 53% of households were ripped-off by their energy supplier in 2019.

Look After My Bills is putting a stop to that with their free service. You sign up just once, and they’ll switch you to a great deal every year - saving you £200+ in the process.

The service is rated “Excellent” on independent review website Trustpilot with 7,366 reviews.

"Reminder: People are saving on average £253 a year on their energy bills."

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  • Bingowings

    11:57, 27 February 2020

    LOL! Don't be silly by clicking those links. All it does is line the pockets of the clowns at Baylis Media.



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