SPONSORED: Lowbrook Academy needs you

SPONSORED: Lowbrook Academy needs you

On June 19 2017 at 7pm, the RBWM Conservative Group will vote on whether to support the reinstatement of Lowbrook’s withdrawn funds. Register for the event here.

There are 53 Conservative Councillors, 3 independents and 1 Lib Dem on the Council. The 53 Conservatives have their own group called the RBWM Conservative Group. They have separate meetings, make decisions together and then take them to Full Council meetings as a team. If the decision they’re voting on is related to any of their own policies (See their latest manifesto at http://www.rbwmconservatives.com/) they will hold a ‘policy vote’ and it will be passed as a matter of course. If the decision is not related to any of their own policies, they hold a ‘free vote’ where members are allowed to vote based on individual opinion.

The leader of the Group, Simon Dudley, has decided to make it a ‘free vote’, allowing all the Conservative Group members to vote by individual choice. However, school expansion is one of the RBWM Conservative Group’s policies, as referred to in their manifesto. It’s such a priority that the Council had committed a total of £32m for school expansion projects, including Lowbrook’s.

So I say the vote on June 19 should be a policy vote. Not a free vote. School expansion is an existing policy. A policy vote would secure support for the school at the next Full Council meeting and the much-needed funding would, therefore, be reinstated. The Council must know that parents of children across the Royal Borough demand that a quality education is delivered for all!

So you need to show your support by being heard at the meeting.

If Simon Dudley holds a free vote instead of a policy vote, I fear this sets a dangerous precedent for other schools and puts all future expansion projects in jeopardy. So furthermore, I also say that all future school expansion decisions should be policy votes and not free votes.

You can also show your support by signing the petition here.


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