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E-scooter rental trial to launch in Slough

E-scooter rental trial to launch in Slough

An e-scooter rental trial is launching in Slough.

The scheme will allow residents to hire out hi-tech, zero emission e-scooters using an app on their smartphones.

In total, 250 distinctive orange scooters will be available to use in the borough.

They will only be allowed on roads and riders will be able to use the town’s bus and on-road cycle lanes.

But the rental vehicles are banned on any pavement, even shared pavements where cyclists are permitted, in order to protect pedestrians.

Operator Neuron Mobility has been given the green light by the Department for Transport to run the rental scheme in Slough for a 12-month trial period.

The e-scooters will include:

  •  Geo-fencing technology and a GPS tracking system which controls speed and informs riders when they need to return to an approved road or route if it detects the e-scooter rider strays.
  • Integrated lockable helmets
  • Voice guidance to educate and alert riders during rides
  • Sensors which can tell if the e-scooter has been involved in a fall or left on its side
  • Front and rear lights which flash when breaking
  • A 999 emergency feature which will help the rider notify the emergency services if a fall is detected
  • A 'follow my ride' function where a rider's trip can be tracked in real time
  • Speed-limiting function which restricts experienced riders to 15.5mph and beginners to 9mph

Neuron will also be deploying a dedicated safety team working around the clock and responsible for educating riders and sanitisation.

Hospital grade disinfectant will be used to clean helmets and the e-scooters.

Staff will also move the vehicles to where they are needed the most, assist new riders with signing up, and deliver practical tips for safe riding.

The e-scooters can be rented by people aged 18 years and over who hold a full or provisional driving licence.

In consultation with the council the company will also create a series of slow zones, no-parking and no-go zones for safety.

Riding rental e-scooters became legal on the UK’s roads on 4 July, 2020. Privately-owned electric scooters remain outlawed for use on any public path and road.

The trial, Neuron’s first scheme in the UK, is part of the Slough Borough Council’s transport initiatives to encourage changes to the way short journeys are made to walking, cycling, and now with the added choice of an e-scooter.

Cllr Rob Anderson, cabinet member for transport and environmental services, said: “This is an exciting first for Slough.

“We are leading the way in the use of alternative electric vehicles and the potential benefits of their use in the future.

“The town’s bus lanes, including the current experimental lanes on the A4, will be able to be used by the rental scooters leading to them being an attractive and sustainable way to travel in the borough.”

Further details on prices will be published closer to the scheme's launch date.

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  • be_ transparent

    15:08, 24 September 2020

    Please don't call the A4 road works experimental when the papers presented for the council tonight show you aren't even measuring the lack of increase in cycling. If you do an experiment to increase cycling, reduce emissions and hike bus passenger numbers how come when a debate is triggered the council can't show that exact data ? Or how about car journey time during peak hours ? You have it for buses of course, but strangely missing for cars along the A4... ? Theres only two or thee people on most of the buses I see in rush hour on the A4. Experiments start with baseline data, changing one variable then measuring the change. You are not doing that. The only reason these roadworks are experimental is the same reason many others have been - it means you can railroad your plans through without any public consultation which you know would oppose it.. The councils pathetic attempt at a few stats to bamboozle councillors is laughable. I'll bet there is not one person in the councils transport department who understands the mathematics of queuing theory and how a small change in traffic in a single server queue can have an exponential impact on queuing times at peak hours. But hey that's not important is it - you aren't listening. As for 'zero emissions' scooters -> so no massive amount of emissions then involved in their manufacture ? Greenwash at its best !



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