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Opinion: What’s wrong with nice, or am I just getting too old?

Terry Adlam, Advertiser columnist

Terry Adlam, Advertiser columnist

Opinion: What’s wrong with nice, or am I just getting too old?

If I was to be asked what I thought the most common feature on today’s mobile phones is, my answer might surprise some.

Purely on personal observations, I wouldn't say it’s the camera with its megawhatsitpixels or the abundance of Apps or the ability to make a phone call, which I believe some still do. No, I would say the most common feature is… the cracked screen!

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been shown photos of other people’s family, pets, dinners and yet another ‘selfie’, through a cobweb of cracks and splinters.

For some, the expense of a repair outweighs the inconvenience of a shattered screen, but for others, it seems to be a badge of honour, especially those of an enviable young age.

It appears to up one’s street cred by purchasing a new unblemished, expensive phone, take it out of its box, set it up, then chuck it on the floor.

It does seem currently that to have an undamaged item just isn't cool anymore.

Take jeans, the more ripped to shreds they are the more fashionable. And then there is distressed furniture and clothing that comes already stained, dirty and moth eaten. What’s wrong with nice, or am I just getting too old?

Oh, wait a minute, that’s it, I am getting too old. Excuse me while I go and drop my phone out of the bedroom window and where did I put those scissors and that nice pair of comfortable jeans I like?


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