First World War items go on display across the Royal Borough for new exhibition

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First World War items go on display across the Royal Borough for new exhibition

As part of the For King and Country project, items which relate to the First World War have gone on show at six locations across Windsor and Maidenhead.

They were loaned for exhibition by members of the public who visited a series of roadshows run by the commemorative project to mark the Great War centenary.

Among those attending a launch event at Windsor & Royal Borough Museum on Monday were Katheryn Russell and her daughters Lorna, 10, and Philippa, 16.

Items belonging to a relative of Mrs Russell’s husband Mark, 2nd Lieutenant Douglas Lionel Figgures of the Royal Field Artillery, are on display at the museum in Windsor Guildhall.

They include the British Campaign Medals ‘Pip, Squeak and Wilfred’. An ID bracelet belonging to 2nd Lt Figgures, who died in 1918, is on display in Maidenhead Library.

The family first took the items to the project’s roadshow in Maidenhead, where they live.

Mrs Russell said: “We’re glad that we can share them with other people.”

John Mills from Ascot, has loaned an officer’s swagger stick – carried by officers as part of their walking out dress – which  belonged to his great uncle Reginald ‘Paddy’ Mills of the Royal Engineers.

It was used as a trophy for a football tournament on the front line in 1917.

After the war Paddy went on to play professional football for Hull City and Notts County.

Dr Brigitte Mitchell, of Windsor Local History Group, also volunteered for the project roadshows.

“A lot of the people who brought items had no idea what they had brought along,” she said. “They went away with a lot more about the items than they knew before. It opened people’s eyes to what their ancestors did.

“That was quite satisfying.”

Alice Le Page, education officer at the museum, said: “By bringing together these objects we can paint a picture of the GreatWar through the experiences of the people who lived, fought and died during that time.”

The exhibition is open until April 30, with items on show at the museum, Maidenhead Heritage Centre, and Maidenhead, Cox Green, Dedworth and Windsor libraries.

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