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Devastated dog owner hits out after nursing poodle was killed by lorry which failed to stop

Devastated dog owner hits out after nursing poodle was killed by lorry which failed  to stop

A devastated dog owner has spoken of her experience after her nursing poodle was killed by a lorry which failed to stop.

Allison McCulloch also claims she received rude and inconsiderate treatment when she contacted the company which owns the lorry to complain.

The five-year-old poodle, Peachey, had given birth to a litter of puppies 10 days before she was fatally injured on Wednesday, May 30.

According to Ms McCulloch, Peachey was sat on the grass verge outside their home on Green Common Lane in Wooburn Green when a lorry belonging to Timberstore, a timber trading supplier in Beaconsfield, hit her and dragged her ‘a few yards’ along the road.

Ms McCulloch said: “I was absolutely shocked, my mind was racing.

“I was just so upset, it was horrendous – the noise it made.

“She's a large dog, the size of a retriever. He must have known he’d hit something and he carried on.”

After she had taken Peachey to the vet and was told she would have to be put down, Ms McCulloch called Timberstore.

She said that the representative she spoke to was dismissive and rude and claimed he was ‘more of a cat person’.

Since Peachey’s death, Ms McCulloch has been forced to feed and take care of her puppies. Although another dog has fostered three of them, the other three still need her constant care.

Ms McCulloch has also reported the incident to the police. Drivers who hit a dog are required by law to stop and report the incident.

Ms McCulloch said: “Peachey was the most lovely dog. We have lots of dogs but she was our favourite.

“She was the nicest dog with lots of character and was always great with kids.

“It’s a narrow country road and could have been one of my grandchildren.”

Since the incident, Allison’s Facebook post describing the events has been shared more than 1,700 times.

Timberstore has been subject to a string of negative reviews on review sites Yell.com and Google, and appears to have deleted its Facebook account since the incident.

When contacted by the Advertiser, Timberstore said it was dealing with the incident internally and was working on a statement, but issued no further comment.


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