Leave or remain? What do the people of Maidenhead think about the EU referendum?

Reporter Grace Witherden took to the streets of Maidenhead town centre to ask a cross section of people how they were planning to vote in next Thursday's historic European Union referendum.

Grace Witherden

Grace Witherden

EU uncertainty sees demand drop for first time in a year

Raheem Ikram

Age: 39

Occupation: Lawyer

Stance on the referendum: Remain 

“I just think that generally in the UK we’re better off staying with the EU, financially and for the future.

I think the media coverage so far has been pretty fair.”

Matthew Chapman

Age: 34

Occupation: Community Support Officer

Stance on the referendum: Undecided

“I still haven’t decided, I’m not entirely sure. All the issues seem to come down to immigration, that is all that seems to be in the press and I would like to hear points other than that.

“There’s only seven working days left so I will probably decide this week and watch some more debates.”

Natalie Hills

Age: 41

Occupation: Practice manager of an occupational therapy firm

Stance on the referendum: Remain

“I think I’ve decided. I think I’m in but it’s very difficult. There’s a lot of bias in the media and it’s hard to tell the fact from fiction, the flack from flannel. 

“My son did get a vote leaflet and nobody else in the house did, so maybe they are targeting young people.

“Both sides are slinging mud so it’s hard to be informed of the facts.”

Caroline Waldon

Age: 35

Occupation: Works for a property firm

Stance on the referendum: Leave

“I think I was in at the beginning, and then I was on the fence and now I’m out, so I have come round full circle.

“There was a lot in the media about losing stability but I think we will be more stable outside of the EU. I’m now willing to take the risk.”

Patrick Willard

Age: 47

Occupation: Software sales

Stance on the referendum: Undecided

“I’m undecided at the minute, I think the problem is that there is not much on the lasting effects of leaving the EU.

“It’s ‘this is what will happen immediately’ but not how it will pan out five or 10 years down the line.”

Nina Mullen

Age: 64

Occupation: Doctor

Stance on the referendum: Remain

“I think we have to stay in Europe, it’s so important for safeguarding our security, pensions and our health service.

“If we leave there is great risk that we won’t have the social security and healthcare that we do now.

“Europe is the fabric which holds it all together.”


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