Tough mum Holly takes part in Good Morning Britain challenge

Emma Billingham

Emma Billingham

Tough mum Holly takes part in Good Morning Britain challenge

A tough mum overcame her fears to complete ITV Good Morning Britain’s Tough Mum challenge last week.

Mother-of-three Holly Clarke, 36, was one of 100 inspirational women picked by the breakfast television show to take on a Tough Mudder obstacle course-style challenge on Wednesday May 18.

Going down mud slides, jumping onto crash mats and swimming through freezing water were some of the challenges the marketing executive took on.

Good Morning Britain presenters were team leaders for the women and took part helping them through the course. Shaun Fletcher led Holly’s team.

Holly, who lives in Bell Street, Maidenhead, said: “You started as a team and ended as a team.

“The obstacles were designed that you had to complete them as a team.

“It was a brilliant experience and I met some really inspirational women.”

Holly was picked to be a part of the challenge after sending in her application to ITV, recounting her experience of looking after her five-year-old son Harry, who has autism, and setting up her not-for-profit organisation Stand Out for Autism. 

She added: “Harry is now pre-verbal and before I left he tried so hard to say good luck for me.

“I was doing it for him, and it was on his fifth birthday. He and Jacob (Holly’s three-year-old son) could also see me on the TV after.”

The challenge was completed in teams, with Holly in a group of 13 women who had to lift, support and motivate each other to complete the gruelling 5k circuit.

“The obstacles I thought would freak me out were actually ok. I’d like to thank my trainer Dan McCormak. I now understand why he trained me the way he did,” said Holly.

Holly received £600 sponsorship for Stand Out for Autism for completing the course.

Visit to donate.

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