Warning issued after curtains caught alight

Warning issued after curtains caught alight

Nick Mayo

Warning issued after curtains caught alight

A fire safety warning has been sounded after curtains caught alight in Maidenhead yesterday.

Blue Watch were called out to Calder Court, off Gringer Hill, at 8.30pm.

Watch manager Steve Hogg said: "We were called out to burnt holes in curtains. There was no other possible explanation than a magnifying mirror left on a dressing table.

"There had been some sun and the mirror reflected it onto the curtains which started to smoulder and they caught alight."

Although there was flame damage to the curtains it could have been worse and watch manager Hogg is warning people to think about where they leave magnifying mirrors on window sills and dressing tables.

"It was an elderly lady and could have had a different outcome," he said.

"People need to be careful. If it (a mirror) is in the wrong position, the sun reflects on to it and acts like a magnifying glass."

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